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The Terminator (1984) [Blu-ray Book]

By: On June 11th, 2011


The Terminator (1984) [Blu-Ray] Book is here. It was rumored that we would be getting T1 Blu-Ray edition with new features on and new interviews with Cameron (post-Avatar) So if this isn’t the ultimate, ultimate, definitive version they talked about what is the point of buying this if you already have it?

Well it’s a freaking book! With all this SkyNet technology it is nice to see something from the dark ages attached to the next release of Terminator… So this is the third time now we have had a standard blu-ray release and this offers us a book… expensive book if you already own the blu-ray The Terminator (1984) but if you don’t own it… well you have been rewarded for waiting…

Here is the cover:

The Terminator (1984) Blu-Ray Book

The simple fact is this release has less special features that the original 2 disc version way back which had a free booklet with it. This looks like a good release, fans were expecting something more but maybe Jim hasn’t filmed the required footage yet for a more recent interview ‘post Avatar’, maybe he is busy…

This edition however is the same as the standard first Blu-Ray release but with the added book full of info and great images. The minus point is like the DVDs it doesn’t restore the original gunshot sounds and other things that annoyed hardcore fans in that transfer of the movie.

Here is a video of the book in action we found on youtube:

So the book looks great but the gear heads who wanted new special features will be let down… One for the collectors.



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