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The Original Danny Dyson DeVaughn Nixon Set to Return in Terminator 6?

By: TheTerminatorFans.com On December 6th, 2017

New stunt updates today for Terminator 6 reveal something that could be something or nothing. We ran a casting wishlist a while ago called “Casting Terminator 6” and we put it out there that the original child Actor who played Miles Dyson’s (Joe Morton) son, Danny Dyson, would be perfect for a canon return for a Terminator 2 sequel.

DeVaughn Nixon Danny Dyson Terminator 6 T2

Not that we want to be racially stereotypical but there is a certain stuntman now involved with Terminator 6 who looks a good fit to stunt double for DeVaughn Nixon.

This is DeVaughn (the original Danny Dyson) he still acts and is in good physical shape…

DeVaughn Nixon Danny Dyson Terminator 6

… and this is  stuntman Aaron Toney currently doing stunt pre-production mocap (motion capture) viz (visuals) for Terminator 6 side by side with DeVaughn…

Danny Dyson Terminator 6 Reboot

Both DeVaughn and Aaron have a similar skin tone, body shape- and in these images; even seem to be wearing the same color T-Shirt.

We might be jumping to conclusions but we like to make predictions because that is one of the more fun aspects of fandom.

Is Danny Dyson going to be the love interest of new character Dani Ramos? Dani and Danny? Are they important to the Resistance? Well, we know Danny Dyson is in the T2 comics,- which were pretty canon to us fans and he became a hacker (if memory serves us correctly) and one of John’s right hand men. Are they perhaps going to have a child together that might take the reigns from John Connor one day?
If Danny is making a return then surely he is going to fighting on team Sarah Connor with Linda-kickass-Hamilton (the only Sarah Connor in our hearts).

Regardless of if this comes to fruition or not, we like the idea of a familiar face making a big come back… we don’t know the score with Edward Furlong yet but Danny Dyson and DeVaughn Nixon would be a great move and it may have happened.

If this is DeVaughn Nixon’s Stuntman then… DeVaughn has already signed on to reprise the role of Danny Dyson.

What do you think, is this the stuntman for Danny Dyson? Would you like Danny Dyson to play a big part in the new trilogy?


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Kevin Wales
Thinking back, Danny Dyson was only a small boy when his father died. I have a feeling that any entitlement to a pension or compensation would be ‘out’, as he would be considered complicit in the destruction of Cyberdyne. The SWAT team leader *played by Dean Norris*, would have most likely reported back that Miles Dyson held the detonator. *Or at least the metal over the detonator*. I’m saying this because I feel Danny Dyson would most likely not receive any financial backing for his computer studies. He would need to ‘go it’ alone. I’m all for his introduction to… Read more »
KAIBER T-itanium

What kid-Dyson would have misperceived about Connors is something should have been “employeed” in post-T2 films

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