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Terminator Salvation Actor Isaac Kappy Dies

By: On May 14th, 2019


Actor Isaac Kappy has been caught up in media controversies over the past few years in the lead up to his sad passing. The news of his death immediately followed the tenth anniversary of the forth theatrical Terminator movie ‘Terminator Salvation’. reports:

According to the Arizona Daily Sun, which first reported Kappy’s death, the actor jumped from the Transwestern Road bridge onto Interstate 40, and was struck by a Ford pickup truck.

Terminator Fans may remember Isaac as being a resistance hacker ‘Barbarosa’ from the opening scenes of the movie, who reveals SkyNet’s R&D plans/blu-prints/living tissue generation progress report; for the T-RIP (Resistance Infiltrator Prototype) also known as the T-800 (CGI Arnold Schwarzenegger).

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Vincent Michel
Vincent Michel

it’s sad ! …RIP