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Terminator Day: Tim Miller Gives Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer Update

By: On May 12th, 2019


Tim Miller was spending his #TerminatorDay (a Sunday) apparently personally editing the trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate.
Normally numerous third party companies would be hired for the task, with the overall best version of the trailer winning the spot but it looks like Tim Miller is so hands on he’ll start making James Cameron look like a part time/semi-retired filmmaker.

The image, of course, shows Sarah Connor on the screens of the editing bay, not only does Linda look great but the scene looks like one described for CinemaCon with Sarah Connor defending Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes) and Grace (Mackenzie Davis) from Gabriel Luna’s splitting Terminator. If the descriptions were accurate – the smoke coming from the end of this rocket launcher (possibly a M72 LAW anti-tank weapon) is after Sarah Connor has shot the Endoskeleton part of Luna’s Terminator after separating from the Liquid metal part of his Terminator.

Terminator Day/Mother of the Future Day (Mother’s Day) would have been a great day to release this trailer but it just isn’t ready yet.

According to Terminator: Dark Fate director, Tim Miller, the trailer is “just weeks” away from launching…


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Aren Arechsam
Aren Arechsam

Tim Miller IS a very hands-on director, and quite passionate about the Terminator lore. Great guy, great director!

Vincent Michel
Vincent Michel

I’M very excinting !!!!! <3 I hope always see Terminator and the real sarah connor as well as the real t800 in an infinite fight