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Terminator Board Game Updates

By: TheTerminatorFans.com On January 17th, 2018

For Terminator fans wondering what is going on with board games for James Cameron’s first two Terminator movies; updates have finally been recently made by Space Goat Productions (The Terminator: The Official Board Game) and Rule & Make (T2029).

The Terminator: The Official Board Game

The Terminator: The Official Board Game has a wealth of new updates…

There has been some complaints about the game delay and communication issues but that seems to be being rectified; new project manager and lead designer ‘Michael’ is taking over the project and is promising fans close communication and weekly updates following “internal staffing changes”

Terminator Update 1.3.18 includes details about upcoming updates and closer personal communication with backers.

Terminator Update 1.10.18 talks about fulfillment, manufacturing/demand and the steps being taken to get the board game into backers hands.

Terminator Update for 1.17.18 discusses a prototype of the game, Pax South 2018 Coverage (event/expo), tweaks and updates and finally award nominations.

T2029 – The Official Terminator 2: Judgment Day Board Game

Sadly it now looks like the official Terminator 2: Judgment Day board game ‘T2029’ has been shelved indefinately as it is now trapped in limbo while Rule & Make focus on other projects– it could still happen in the future- but not now.


T2029 Box Terminator 2 Board Game

We promised everyone that today we’ll provide more information about this project.

Sadly, we don’t have good news to share. While the project has not been cancelled, the project is currently in limbo. Rule & Make is prioritising efforts to deliver our current slate of games (Smiths of Winterforge and Hand of Fate: Ordeals) as well as projects scheduled for early 2018.

The Team is extremely proud of the game we’ve created but we are aware that the project lacks supporting materials to help communicate how the game plays and why it’s a game that is worth your time and money.

Given that several members of the team had to move on to other scheduled titles (some of the artists work freelance) we are still looking at timing so the team can reassemble to further develop the project. We’ve put a lot of passion and resources into the project and we are keen to see the game come to life. However, to set proper expectations, there is no definite date on when the project will continue.

We want to thank every member of the team that worked incredibly hard during the development of this project, as well as our distribution partners and licensor for their help and support. Finally, we like to give big thanks to the backers that supported the project.


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