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Terminator (2019) Highway Chase Report

By: On June 5th, 2018

The Terminator Fans website might be hard to please but one thing we have pleasantly enjoyed about the new Terminator movie is reporting on real places/locations that will serve as the new movie’s backdrop. So far we have seen no sign of that dastardly rank green-screen material hanging in the background and the locations themselves are interesting (although CG will be in the movie and hopefully minimal).

The Almeria shoot is over (as anticipated) and scenes filmed at Isleta Del Moro were completed last week. We saw what was supposed to be a fishing village that had had havoc wreaked upon it; in the form of a crashed helicopter surrounded by human skeletal remains and trees that had subsequently been blasted to angles,- suggesting a huge explosion came from said helicopter or nuclear fallout of Judgment Day (speculation).
This could have been a Sarah Connor vision/nightmare or a flash forward into the future (possibly involving two past characters of the Terminator franchise represented by body doubles with CGI face replacement), if you have been following our reports closely you will know which characters those will be before the news was pulled from the website, as is usually the case when reports/speculation/prediction get too close to the mark.

murcia corvera airport Terminator

Last weekend saw the cast and crew travelling to a new destination to film a high octane highway chase sequence at a defunct airport in Murcia. The Corvera Airport is going to be transformed into highways and scenes will be shot internally and externally at the airport location.

Terminator 6 Murcia Spain Corvera Airport reports via the La Verdad newspaper:

“One of the access roads to the airport will be closed for a period of three months so that it can be “converted” into a Mexican road for the purpose of filming on the RM-16 and RM-17, and this preparatory transformation will take place from 4th to 11th June. The white lines will have to be repainted yellow and road signs and safety barriers must also be temporarily replaced, providing employment for 30 people.

There will then follow a period of practice and trial runs from 11th to 30th June, involving 150 specialists and 60 vehicles, before shooting takes place between 2nd and 28th July. This will include the inevitable Terminator special effects such as explosion, shooting and plenty of fireballs, so the roads will be closed for five working days. At this point the number of people involved will rise to around 500.”

Now that number of 500 (crew) is special to us, as we have followed this project closely because in previous reports a number of 400 crew was mentioned as an estimate for a particular scene and these scenes will feature Arnold Schwarzenegger himself in a plane crash/action sequence (although we don’t know when this scene will film as it could be filmed later in Austria or Hungary but it is possibly connected to the highway chase sequence). So we should be expecting THE REAL ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER to be filming in late July/start of August and filming of that particular sequence should last two weeks if previous reports are accurate.

We reiterate that some of this report is speculation against the facts presented via Spanish reports as to where the crew will be but we also need to remember that “crews” have different units and in most cases with big movies different unit directors so while scenes can be filmed at different locations it doesn’t mean filming is not continuing or happening at another location at the same time adjacent to the main production handled/directed by Tim Miller.

Highway murcia corvera airport Terminator tv news report shows one of the access roads to the airport which will act as a highway

It is anticipated that runways themselves could be dressed to look like roads/highways. The airport is an expansive area and a great set location with plenty of freedom for explosions and what not. Access to the airport will also have traffic cut off to allow more highway/road usage for chase sequences but perhaps the majority of explosions may not be pulled off on the access highways but within the confines of the airport grounds as part of permits granted by local authorities. reports:

The audiovisual production company Fresco Diamantes SL will take the next Monday from the Corvera airport . The cameras, spotlights, decorations and specialists will become part of the landscape at least until August 17, time in which they will proceed to convert the area into a kind of Mexican highway. The reason? Terminator 6 .

…In fact, the production company has announced that it “has all the relevant permits” to cut off traffic for three months on highway RM-16– from kilometer 0 to 2, which is the link between the Murcia-Cartagena motorway and the airport.

Terminator Corvera Airport Access Highway

One of the access roads to the airport where part of the film will be shot. / GUILLERMO CARRIÓN / AGM reports:

The regional government has just authorized the filming of the sixth installment of the North American overproduction on the regional roads RM-16 and RM-17, which give access to the airport. Filming, by the Fresco Film production company, will run for three months, which will start next Monday. Thus, from June 4 to 11, work will be done to prepare the roads.

The idea is to set the environment as if it were a road in Mexico for which it will be necessary to change the signage and security fences and the lines will be painted in yellow, as in the American country. These jobs will employ about 30 people. The team, made up of some 150 specialists and 60 vehicles, will carry out the testing period from June 11 to 30. Then, from July 2 to 28, the scenes of the film will be filmed, which will include the inevitable special effects of the saga (controlled fire, shootings, explosives …), so it will be necessary to interrupt the traffic in both tracks for 5 business days.

Once filming at the Corvera Airport is complete (just like the Almeria shoot) the set will have to be restored to what it looked like before the Terminator (2019) crew showed up (as the airport will launch as a functioning airport soon).

The report continues…

From July 30 to August 17 the dismantling work will be carried out and the roads will be returned to their original condition, repainting the lines, removing the signs and repairing the damages that may have been generated. In this phase, around 30 people will participate.

To grant the authorization, the production company was asked to present a diversion project that includes the traffic solutions during the period of the cutting of the roads and the necessary signage on the affected roads. The agreement will allow the RM-16 road, which links the Murcia-Cartagena motorway with the airport, to be cut off for three months. and for a week the RM-17 road, another of the departures from the highway to the RM-16.

The Administration has demanded to the producer the deposit of a bond, valued at 250,000 euros, to answer for the reconstruction of the elements that are altered. Sources close to the shoot joke about this extreme: “Let’s hope that ‘Terminator’ does not leave it all unmade!” Let’s hope.

It is anticipated that the highways will represent the U.S. highways (the reason for changing the markings) after crossing the border? but we should also be getting Mexican highways too. Is Arnold Schwarzenegger going to crash a plane into Trump’s wall? has a video of the report… Spanish Correspondent Javier Cárceles summarises the contents of the news report for our readers…

In Corvera these days nothing is said. The district of Murcia has been chosen as the setting for the sixth installment of the terminator. What is not yet known is if arnold will shoot here. On August 17 the shooting ends. Some scenes have already been shot on the islet of the Moor in Almería and this week filming starts at the airport in Corvera. Interviewed: They have brought butane pumps and a crane. A military jeep. The RM 16 highway that will become a Mexican zone has already been cut.

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Vincent Michel
Vincent Michel

It is necessary to hope that there is no false connection in this 6th opus as summer first! even if it was not the same material means that today we never know … We hope that it will put everything in good condition and with regard to the special effects I hope not to see too much by computer and that they put us full eyes in real !! Tim Miller does not make us too Deadpool! It’s Terminator there !!!!

Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson

Just want to say thank you for all of the exciting news you provide. I believe T2 is the greatest sci fi film ever made and to have news on the direct sequel is special…..even if it is after 3 disappointing films. This franchise is relevant and always will be during our lifetimes. Cameron/Miller/Hamilton will get this right!


Corvera is not a “defunct” nor “ghost” airport. Actually is a brand new one with state of the art premises scheduled to be fully operational before end of this year.