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Terminator 2: 3D Marketing Ramps Up For China Release, Video Games and More

By: On September 9th, 2016


While the rest of the world will be getting Terminator 2: 3D in 2017 it really does look like the film is coming sooner in China as originally planned for October 2016.

We can now see elements from the VR game, to exhibits/events and also the game which might not get a release outside of Asia. So this obviously looks like the promised October release of T23D in China and the marketing is now in full swing.

The official T2 China website reports:

Recently, the “Terminator 2” 25th anniversary special exhibition stand Shenzhen Shenzhen Happy Coast Creative Showcase Plaza shocked to open, this is known as the country so far the highest specifications, the largest investment, the strongest and most extensive scale IP technology movie exhibition for the first time domestic debut, black & high degree of reduction so that the scene of fans hooked. At the same time, the game Netease DEDECATES “Terminator 2” movie is also the official game of the exhibition and offers stunning debut demo, completely activated fans enthusiastic popular audience.

The rest of the world may get a totally different marketing plan but we can see that the franchise and T2 is represented in an almost childlike way,- that isn’t really coherent and won’t resonate that well with hardcore fans aside from the life-size endo’s and stuff that is truly authentic to the movies.

T2 3D Shenzhen special exhibition space station

This is the start of a series of events, probably all the same but in various locations in China…

The Shenzhen exhibition stand attracted a large number of fans and the people of Shenzhen from Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and from everyone to find their own moving. Next, a special exhibition will be staged one after another in Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, Xi’an, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Suzhou, Guangzhou and other nine cities, set off a storm Terminator!

The things fans didn’t like about the marketing of Genisys live on here, 3D imagery overload, cartoon Endoskeleton’s up to mischief;- there is a line between fun, classy and authentic, with tacky, cheap and degrading and this kind of marvel-style marketing has never really been done with T2.

The lack of Linda Hamilton in the marketing and generally other actors is also just plain boring. The Real Sarah Connor being thrown away and disregarded does not rub well with us and it won’t with many. Notably Linda Hamilton was removed from a teaser of T2 in China (click here to see it).

Terminator 2: 3D (2017)

We know it is quicker (or cheaper) to create the above imagery in 3D/CGI and this is how T2 is currently being presented but we just don’t feel it and it disconnects from the realism hardcore Terminator fans want from the franchise… appealing to teenagers didn’t help Genisys but maybe Asia might go for it… that is if they actually enjoyed Genisys and are not put off by the brand all together. Arnold and Jim might be able to get them back though if hopefully China knows what a good Terminator movie is and their only chances of that would be through the home release/import market.

Some of the stuff is cool but some of it just isn’t.

View various images below.




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