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Should Schwarzenegger Train Edward Furlong For Terminator 6 Return?

By: TheTerminatorFans.com On December 27th, 2017

Terminator Fan; Jo Cronin made an interesting comment on TheTerminatorFans.com official Facebook page in regard to Edward Furlong and his possible role reprisal as John Connor for Terminator 6.

In response to fans talking about the wanted return of Edward Furlong….

Jo Cronin said:

He could train with Arnold Schwarzenegger !

It took Linda Hamilton 3 months under extreme military training for Terminator 2, and Terminator 6 is reportedly filming in March- that’s just over 3 months away! There might be delays to tweak the script or the studios could possibly postpone the project to make this happen… ?

John Connor is the last hope of mankind and to throw him away or to disregard him is a big mistake in many fans eyes. We personally feel that to disregard Edward Furlong is wrong, we need to inspire Edward Furlong but if this actually happened it would also inspire an entire fan base.

In Terminator 2 Arnold’s T-800 character would do anything to protect John Connor- now the real Arnold Schwarzenegger could rise to the challenge to save Edward Furlong and the continuity of the franchise (a true Terminator 2 Sequel) by helping revive Edward Furlong’s health and career. To allow Edward Furlong to return would be just as monumental as the return of Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton!

On the new Terminator 2 Home Release Special Features Edward Furlong looks worse for wear.


We can exclusively reveal that his participation and interview took place in 2016 and that it was very last minute and he was flown out to record the interview… he did not have time to prepare and he may have had jetlag also. We have tried to be vocal about asking publicly on the website and via social media for movie studio Skydance Productions to offer Furlong a chance to return to the role and he has been out the public eye for a long time,- could this be a big secret comeback, or has the situation worsened and would Arnold be willing to do the training that fans would love to see and follow?

If you want to see Arnold Schwarzenegger train Edward Furlong into world military leader shape for Terminator 6; show your support by liking this page and by liking and showing a comment of support on the following Facebook post.

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Kevin Wales

I cannot commit myself to an answer at this stage. Only the finished article will tell. I haven’t seen any of his work.

Oyvind Kjelsvik
Oyvind Kjelsvik

I’m not going to see it if Furlong isnt in it. Anyone who thinks that the Furlong train has gone should grab a cooky and get to the chopper. Christian Bale fucked up the whole franchise….It just cant get any worse so Conno…(sorry) Furlong has a really good chance here!

Katie Lo Giudice

I think have the original cast with Linda Hamilton, Arnold and Edward, to wrap up and give closure to Judgement day or forget it! Wouldn’t be the same without the original cast including Edward. He just needs to put in the work like any job and start working. Give Terminator the closure it needs. Saw Genysis, the only ones i saw after T2. Don’t ruin it more.

Sandro Visconti Costa
Sandro Visconti Costa

Of Course, Totally Support


If Arnold could help Edward, it would be good on a personal and professional level for him, if he agrees to the help and is ready. Edward being in the next movie would be a win win for everyone.


OMG, they should never have replaced furlong with that pansy who didn’t belong! (sorry) but furlong defo should come back! Absolutely


I agree.. Furlong sort it out and make a come back we can all be proud of,just get your s..t together and do this!!! What a legend x


Edward has to be in it… He has got to get his shit together and make us all proud… This aint just about you ed!! We all want it…. And money


True T2 sequel is T3. I would like to see Furlong again too, but ignoring T3 makes me angry, becauase it’s regural continuation of the Terminator saga with everything it belongs to Terminator (o.k, Linda Hamilton could play in T3). And TX was really amazing!

The Sexy Skywalker
The Sexy Skywalker

T3 is more of a rehash that doesn’t work out in the end. Don’t worry, the creator James Cameron himself is producing… this will be way better than T3.


Why not a fat John Connor?…what’s so wrong about that?…i mean he lives in a dystopian future..probaly most of the people who reach 40’s gonna be all fucked up.

You can easily write around that…he broke against the pressure of being the savior…then suddenly he regain faith in humanity and rises again to be the only hope..

he can be an engineer or a scientist…doesn’t have to be the fighting type

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