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By: TheTerminatorFans.com On September 12th, 2017

Arnold Schwarzenegger is now listed on IMDb as playing the role of THE TERMINATOR in Terminator 6!

Role Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator 6

Is this the return as Arnold portraying the title villain and not just some CGI representation of his younger self… or will it be the latter?

We would prefer to see Arnold end the franchise on the high he came in on; in a “true to the first movie” sequel to the second movie… What we mean by that is we hope that tent pole action movie with all this comedy and purposefully written one liners hits the garbage can and instead we get a movie in the style of the first movie with the grit and horror but that continues the story from the second movie.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day made a lot of money the first time around at the box office…

Why? Because of The ‘Fucking’ Terminator (1984) that’s why… People wanted to see the sequel to THIS MOVIE!

The Terminator Quad Poster

Also referring to Arnold as The Terminator could also mean good guy Terminator; or both good and bad, or human with a thrown in CGI Arnold, Terminator Genisys did list him as playing THE TERMINATOR but it felt like a trick because what we got what a CGI version of the villain who was defeated so easily it made one of the biggest villains in movie history look pathetic.
You never can tell what studios will go with but we do know that personally at TheTerminatorFans.com that it would be fresh and long overdue for Arnold to return to being a horror icon and not a loyal servant to humans,- it worked in Terminator 2 but the likelihood of T-800’s continually being reprogrammed for purposes of good is ridiculous, as much as Arnold’s appearance in the franchise over and over again is illogical; why would SkyNet put the same face and use the same model that failed its first mission over and over again… a machine that succeeds in helping mankind but fails for its creator in destroying mankind would have have resulted in SkyNet melting every single T-800 it had in cold storage, deeming the unit useless to its goal… and damn if John Connor could draw Arnold’s face and pin it to the Resistance notice board in 2029 then everyone would know to blast Arnold-looking machines to dust on sight. Maybe John Connor even hacked the police files and printed copies of Arnold’s face from his time in the police station blasting cops in 1984 or fighting The T-1000 at the Galleria… ?
The worst infiltrator model ever, a big hulking machine in a future void of sustenance and basic food sources but hey Jai Courtney took all the flack for that with Genisys having his hulking Salmon diet muscles…

We want to see Arnold end his Terminator involvement on a high and we think him being a villain could be the comeback he’s needed for a long time but it has to be done right this time… no fucking around. Luckily Jim Cameron might fix the damage and surprise us (hopefully) but with his recent talk of how he would have made Terminator 2 today; he’d have done more or less all the practical effect gags in CG was really disheartening to hear, did anyone notice how fake those Xenomorphs looked in Alien: Covenant? Damn Ridley!?! Are we going crazy here? Are we the only ones who find this mind numbingly tedious and unacceptable? What is going on with Ridley Scott and James Cameron? Seriously, these heavy CGI outings are going to be laughed at badly in 5-10 years time and in 20 years no one will care anymore but they’ll always remember for their early movies… we really want reality and practical effects stamping back into these franchises with the pioneers like Jim and Ridley. Avatar desperately needs more practical effects too; if its going to engage us more next time around.

Please no CGI Arnold’s or comedy this time, it is more than unbearable to watch. Can we have the real Arnold back doing what made him a household name again… or is that just too much to ask for in this bank controlled politically correct Hollywood climate?

If this IMDb listing is correct then Terminator 6 continues to be ticking all the boxes so far…

Source: IMDb

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Genysis movie wasn’t that bad. I liked the comedy. They shouldn’t make any more films though. Arnie is just too old.

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