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Proof That Mackenzie Davis is Playing a TERMINATOR?

By: TheTerminatorFans.com On July 30th, 2018

We have always suspected Mackenzie Davis as playing a machine in the new Terminator movie but now we just might have proof courtesy of a new report from Spain.

The character of Davis has been described as a soldier assassin conflicting reports came out early on; initially comparing Davis as the torch taker of Arnold Schwarzenegger, in the same report (edited mere minutes later) it changed to say that she was taking the torch from Linda as if to mask an initial report about her involvement in the movie.

We felt her (Mackenzie’s) character was from the future and she is covered in mysterious scars in almost consistent patterns on her flesh, we have seen in earlier set reports that she seems slightly vulnerable, needing assistance and needing to be carried by Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes) but we have seen this before with Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington) in Terminator Salvation- where he was unaware he was half human/half Terminator. With this in mind we are going press forward and speculate that Mackenzie Davis was a SkyNet experiment and if she is part machine she is not aware of it… she still has emotions and feels pain but she is potentially a machine but also possibly as much human as machine?

Of course we have toyed with other theories, that she might be the female John Connor from folded time, like how Dark Horse Comics gave us Jane Connor, a resistance soldier or even the equivalent to Cameron from TSCC for the Terminator movies. We could be wrong on all of the above and the potential proof that follows could be a studio red herring just to melt our minds into metal junk but the great thing about this movie is mostly that we, the fans, don’t know what the fuck is going on and that makes it more exciting.

The potential proof that Mackenzie Davis is indeed a machine/Terminator:

An eyewitness has seen a blonde woman, describing her as having blonde hair and muscular with a deep wound revealing a metallic skeleton underneath. Blonde- instantly rings bells of Mackenzie Davis…

laverdad.es reports:

An SUV chases a tourist in the neighborhood of Cuatro Santos, in the early afternoon. Macarras in search of anger? Do not! It is a pursuit of the filming of ‘Terminator 6’ by a street Ramón y Cajal turned into a border road in Mexico in which heroes and villains of the film franchise starring Arnold Schwarzenneger settle their differences.

For the third and final day, in the last month and a half, Cartagena became the scene of the raids of the Connor, his followers and the ‘cyborg’ that protect or persecute them since the saga began. “Look, that’s the double of the bad one in the movie,” says a young man as he watches a muscular blond woman, 1.80m tall, with an arm made up as if she had suffered a deep wound, letting on a metallic skeleton.


Interestingly these scenes (although filmed in Cartagena, Spain) are indeed situated in America, as the vehicles have American license plates…

laverdad.es continues:

The whole route from the Los Barreros roundabout (La Palma road), to the junction with Jorge Juan street, in front of the Corte Inglés, was tuned yesterday. Signs of ‘High’, like those of Mexico, supplanted by one day those of ‘Stop’. A neighborhood bar on Saturday changed its offer of michirones by burritos and tacos, as in any Mexican canteen. And cars with American license plates completed the stage. All under the supervision of a team in which the ‘big shots’ of the production were mixed with the simple ‘machacas’ that prevented the curious from taking more photos or recording more videos than they should. “Otherwise, we’ll have to vacate the whole street,” they said. So, what the locals and those who went to see if a star appeared,

Now we surely need more proof so, now some photos give us more…


On closer inspection of the photos we can clearly see they are stunt doubles (for Natalia and Mackenzie), relating back to earlier we can see Mackenzie Davis’ stunt double is indeed muscular and wearing the white vest (similar to Linda Hamilton’s in T2) which we have seen Davis wearing.


Khaled Mohammed shares with us his fan art of Mackenzie Davis’ character…

Mackenzie Davis Terminator 2019

Let’s finish with another Cartagena set video from another fan (we are loving these real locations)…

So, do you have any theories and do you think Mackenzie’s character is a machine? Let us know in the comments below.

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Iv had the idea that if humans want to win the war against machines in the future they would also turn them selves into machines in a sense. Cameron obviously has touched on this in a more metaphorical sense for example the Sarah going after Dyson scene but I think if they wanted to further that theme and also play with the idea that Cameron has been talking about (How people living in 2018 are dependent on machines and “we all ready lost the war”) that perhaps future soldiers upgrade them selves with mechanical parts that give them an upper… Read more »

Juan Canino
Juan Canino

mmm I´m totally disagreed with you… If we the humans became machines our humanity had been lost. We need to fight back the machines with our virtues, our core values as a humans, love, faith, courage, justice, fortitude and sacrifice. I belive John Connor should represent as a the leader of the human resistance, all that values, in order to the human race prevail over machines.

Vincent Michel
Vincent Michel

no because john connor is supposed to be dead! that is why it will be another leader of the resistance. And it is possible that we can have improvements like the exo skeleton that is already relevant to the army


Are you part of the creative writers? =)
JC is alive my friend!

Vincent Michel
Vincent Michel

it becomes really interesting and exciting! I hope this will be the case as with Marcus Wright in T4 (Renaissance) it was a very positive point that the fans did not expect! I would rather feel a machine with a conscious human identity! I really like it will be a very interesting character of the film. I can not wait to know a little more about it!


Who knows, maybe she just has a robotic limb replacement.


What confuses me is why they are filming Mexico scenes in Spain? That has to cost WAY more money. Mexico is very diverse and they have everything from very rural poor areas to super modern affluent areas.

Vincent Michel
Vincent Michel

yes probably not enough have them recovered with Genisys and I think the delay has been postponed for Schwarzy!


I am not shure about her like terminator… Terminator was introduced like infiltration kiling machine. Thats why have a flesh… to be like human. They doesnt want to bring attention, even if they protecting someone (sunglasses was really nice detail). But this girl is like advertising to new cyberpunk novel. I hope, that character will be more decent in the movie. And if you have a technology for reproducing human flesh, you can reduce the productivity of collagen in self renewal process. I still do not see the reason for the scars and why are they all expose like this…

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