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Official Terminator: Dark Fate Poster Revealed

By: On May 22nd, 2019


As teased by Arnold Schwarzenegger yesterday; the Terminator: Dark Fate trailer lands tomorrow at 6:00 AM PST but after some digging through Twitter we came across the first official Terminator: Dark Fate poster!

Terminator: Dark Fate Poster featuring Linda Hamilton

*We note that we misspelled @terminator as “@teminator” when trying to authenticate the poster! Due to the excitement of finding the image we had a severe brain fart!

The way we discovered the poster seems to be a tribute to the first Terminator movie’s “phone-book killer”,- The Terminator AKA Arnold Schwarzenegger and the target Sarah Connor. We had to go through a Sarah Connor list to find this amazing poster!

Phonebook Terminator

Poster Breakdown:

In the poster we can see Linda Hamilton as the legendary Sarah Connor, fully kitted out in the combat garb seen previously in the very first Terminator: Dark Fate picture ‘The Women of The New Terminator’ released back in 2018, and carrying a gun.
She’s walking along a dusty road which stretches into the distance behind her; suggesting that her journey has been a long and difficult one. The colors are washed out yellows and oranges – strongly reminiscent of the desert scenes from Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
The road she is travelling is also eerily similar (if not the same) as the road at the end of The Terminator (1984) as she made her way to Mexico pregnant with Kyle Reese’s unborn child, and future leader of the resistance, John Connor.

There’s a storm coming in.

Gas Station Attendant, T2

We can see a mountain range in the distance behind her, which is also very much a mirror image of the road that Sarah Connor takes in her journey off the grid at the end of the nightmarish The Terminator.

Roads in the The Terminator franchise (the canon instalments) are a strong theme – at the end of both The terminator (1984) and Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Sarah and John Connor escape from the past, and the future with a sense of uncertain certainty. A feeling of the unavoidable.

Roads are also a great metaphor for the decisions that Sarah Connor has had to make in her journey through the Terminator franchise; whether to continue on – knowing that the struggle will be hard, often maddening and dangerous, or stop – retreat, protect her own and stay alive as best she can.

We would have to wonder what kind of emotional, mental and physical toll these years have taken on the world weary warrior, Sarah Connor. How much has she sacrificed to reach the person she has become; the leader of the leader of the human resistance… ?

Roads in the Terminator franchise have played a huge part in the rhythm and the pacing of the story, and its character arcs. The road, and the journey taken by the protagonists, keeps the action moving forward at a break-neck-speed, keeping the emotions and threat high as the audience becomes attached and invested in the characters and their survival.
The road moves us along to the movie’s conclusion; whilst the close quarters, the constantly changing environment and the taught dialogue impress upon us, as viewers, a continual sense of threat and urgency.

This poster is promising for many reasons – not least of all Linda Hamilton; mother warrior. Standing steady, strong and solitary. Unsupported – but she doesn’t need the support, because she’s ready to face the oncoming storm.

She hasn’t been running from it. She’s been waiting for it.

What do you think of the poster? Let us know in the comments below!


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It looks fantastic!


An official terminator poster WITHOUT ARNOLD while he’s in the movie??? I’m sure it’s not THE poster but ONE.


For me, it doesnt really matter if Arnold(terminator) present on poster or not, what is important it is that it should be dark in tone and its visual appearance. This poster for me, personally doesnt look great. It is ok at best. Sarah precence at poster is good though. Poster look quite light (and i dont mean color here) and doesnt sell movie for me at all. Im sure when the trailer will be here, it will throw at us some mindless action in the first min, and etc. But honestly, im very sceptical about this movie for now. The… Read more »

Vincent Michel
Vincent Michel

Une belle affiche qui montre le signe d’uen guerre infinissable !