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NECA Tanker Truck Pursuit T-800 Figure Review

By: On September 22nd, 2014

Movie Replicas Direct kindly sent us a Tanker Truck Pursuit T-800 to take a look at. NECA’s Tanker Truck Pursuit T-800 Figure is part of the Terminator Collection – 7″ Series 3 wave. The figure is obviously from the first installment ‘The Terminator’ and depicts Arnold Schwarzenegger as the unstoppable killing machine. The figure has 2 interchangeable heads featuring sunglasses (1984 police station massacre T-800) and also comes with the damaged head for those “Get out!” moments. The figure comes with 2 weapons; screen accurate to those seen after Arnold rides through the front of the police station after saying “I’ll be back”.


NECA T-800 Tanker Truck PursuitIt is great to have figures based on the first movie and the figure is of good quality from the costume being detailed, the leather jacket (aside from the arms) which is actually a rubber material which has a nice look and feel to it, this adds more depth on the bullet holes on the back of the jacket which look good. Although this is a great figure some things did trouble us; the Gargoyle sunglasses are somewhat off, in particular the sunglasses head has a thinner nose, also some of the paintwork around the back of the ears on one of our heads leaves a higher standard to be obtained.

NECA T-800 Tanker Truck Pursuit


The interchangeable head thing was actually a nightmare,- although a nice concept and adding more diversity to the product; we had major problems taking the head off the figure to begin with, the second head (sunglasses, went on much easier) the same pain when swapping heads continued, incidentally some of the paint did get damaged through trying to remove/swap heads and be careful not to snap off the fixed sunglasses on one of your Terminator heads. If you are a person who likes to keep their collectibles in perfect condition, swapping heads may cause you distress.

NECA T-800 Tanker Truck Pursuit

Overall, with some moans aside; this is a great figure, in a great pose to recreate some great moments from the first movie. The battle damage is well done down to bloodied fingers on his torn gloves. The battle damage fits with the first movie’s dark tone, and gladly isn’t like the CGI-cartoon endoskeleton damage we saw in T3.

A figure that will proudly sit anywhere in your home and looks very cool. A must for hardcore fans of the first Terminator movie and the young T-800 CSM 101..

NECA T-800 Tanker Truck Pursuit NECA T-800 Tanker Truck Pursuit


This collectible is available to buy now on

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