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NECA Liquid Nitrogen T-1000 Figure Review

By: On September 18th, 2014

Movie Replicas Direct kindly sent us a liquid nitrogen T-1000 to take a look at. NECA’s Liquid Nitrogen T-1000 Figure is part of the Terminator Collection – 7″ Series 3 wave . The figure was made for the 20th Anniversary of Terminator 2: Judgment Day and comes with special paint effect that makes it look like the frozen T-1000 from the Steel Mill showdown at the end of the  second Terminator movie.

NECA Liquid Nitrogen T-1000 NECA Liquid Nitrogen T-1000

The figure is a good sculpt and likeness of Robert Patrick. The costume is accurate with a detailed belt featuring gun holster that you can place the pistol that comes with the figure and walkie-talkie. He has his full motorcycle gear on with coat (and badge) you can actually read the words “Los Angeles Police Department” written on the shoulders.

NECA Liquid Nitrogen T-1000

The paint job is a bright blue/silver grey that does give the effect of a very cold outing for the T-1000 from scenes in which a Hydrogen truck’s contents cascaded onto one of the most deadly Terminators. The figure also has a white speckle material applied to the figure to give that extra frosty frozen effect. Expect a few of these to flake off on your fingers when you get this out of the box, this isn’t a problem but obviously don’t let children play with this collectible as children would love to sit there picking at the white bits with their fingers and then probably proceed to eat them.

NECA Liquid Nitrogen T-1000

Overall this is a nice figure to have to commemorate T2: JD’s 20th Anniversary and great for any Terminator collector to have.

NECA Liquid Nitrogen T-1000

The negatives of this figure is that the figure only has one accessory, his gun. It would perhaps have been nice to include maybe some changeable bits to replicate when the T-1000 was stuck to the ground and then shattered but we expect that figure to come in the future. Also the figure is limited in waist articulation due to the walkie-talkie, best not to force it or you may snap it off. Be wary of protecting that when posing this figure. However, these are small complaints.

NECA Liquid Nitrogen T-1000

This figure gets our approval!

NECA Liquid Nitrogen T-1000

This collectible is available to buy now on

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