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More Terminator 6 T-800 Plane Sequence Info and Possible Military Base Set

By: On September 18th, 2018

IMDb is revealing some new casting info which enhances some past information from reports about Terminator 6…

Corvera Airport could act as a Military Air Base in the sixth Terminator movie

Everything seems to be pointing to a military base being in the movie; especially due to the C-5 Aircraft which will be acquired in the movie for a potentially huge action sequence.

Hadrian Howard as C-5 Pilot

A c-5 is a giant military Aircraft, and in past reports we mentioned that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be part of a huge plane crash sequence… what do fans wanna bet that this is the plane for that sequence- could be cool, no? Past reports have suggested a giant plane sequence/crash involving Schwarzenegger was going to either happen in Austria or Spain and now it looks like Spain could be the final choice to shoot this sequence.

Fraser James as new Terminator character Major Dean

We are going to guess British actor Fraser will play some important military figure in the new Terminator movie’s story.

Peter Schueller and John Gettier as ICE Officers

Yes, ICE will be in the movie and one of the interior sets has apparently been dressed as an immigration camp, evoking strong thoughts of America’s current political climate,- you can find out more and share your opinion about this by clicking here (link opens in a new window).

More C-5 Aircraft Content

Check out these two great videos on Youtube to get an idea of the scope and size of the C-5 Aircraft in the interior and exterior. We are actually interested in this sequence but the concern would lie with how much of it will be practical and how much will be CGI- will it look real enough to be convincing?

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Vincent Michel
Vincent Michel

So it’s true that on paper it looks rather showy for an angel for a final scene! In addition it will change the final scene of 1 and 2 with the helicopter or the tanker truck but after seeing how they will adapt it by the special effects and a final scene explosion and how Schwarzy will resist if in addition it will be a old Terminator face a new machine even more powerful than him face to face!


Cool stuff!!! Hopefully it’s done right


ICE scene might not be sjw aftet all. A terminator might be disguising ad an ice officer