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More Terminator (2019) Cast Photos

By: On July 20th, 2018

In the age of selfies,- the ability to jump next to a celebrity for a quick photo is now commonplace and we have seen a bulk of fan photos with the new Terminator movie’s stars. Check out some of the latest below.

Linda Hamilton continues to be the star of the new Terminator movie and continues to look more fantastic as filming continues. She is in Sarah Connor shape and we ask ourselves why were they even talking about a torch pass when Linda looks this damn good?!

A lucky crew member also got to have some photos taken with Gabriel Luna (Terminator) and Diego Boneta (undisclosed character rumored to be the brother of Dani Ramos).

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Linda really does look in great shape and it really feels like she is the star of the movie. I only hope there’ve thought of a good conclusive end just in case this is the final Terminator film .

Vincent Michel
Vincent Michel

no it will not be the last according to J.Cameron who took over the queens of the franchise to develop more trilogies! and this one will be the beginning of a new trilogy we will be entitled to a T8

Vincent Michel
Vincent Michel

It will probably not be the last since it’s the beginning of a new trilogy again!