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Fan-Tribute: Terminator – Love Theme [Piano & Violin]

By: On May 12th, 2019


Noud van Harskamp is a great musician and a big Brad Fiedel/Terminator fan who has shared many joyful renditions of Brad’s work over the years, and his latest video really made us smile with this great rendition of Brad Fiedel’s “Love Scene” composition.

Thank Noud for this Terminator Day treat! The piano and violin combo is music to our ears. A big shout out to violinist Jessica Grzenia for making this extra special and we hope to see more from this musical duo in the future!

The Terminator 1 Love Theme masterpiece by maestro Brad Fiedel. Violinist played by the great Jessica Grzenia. It was a great pleasure to collaborate the second time with her on my alltime favorite movie theme ever! As quite some of you know the Terminator is my alltime favorite theme and I am pretty sure this will be always the same. As the terminator theme is the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be 😊

Also I have to thank Daljit Singh for allowing me to use his great work on the 3D environment! He did a splendid job. Now I can’t wait for the new Terminator movie and still waiting for the trailer to come one of these days. I hope you enjoy this classic Terminator theme and have a great day!

Noud van Harskamp


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Juan Canino
Juan Canino

Ecxelent work ! Thanks 4 sharing!