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Fan-Edit: Terminator: Reprise (Junkie XL – Brothers in Arms)

By: On May 12th, 2019


Most Terminator Fans have seen Mad Max: Fury Road, and the majority think Junkie XL AKA Tom Holkenborg is totally fit for the job (albeit some fans were disappointed that Brad Fiedel isn’t back). Mad Max is the biggest point of reference that Tom is the right man for the project.

Brad Fiedel told that he enjoyed Fury Road and gave his blessing to Tom in regard to composing Dark Fate but what could a Junkie XL Terminator score actually sound like… ?

Josh Nitsche has put together a perfect example of what a Junkie XL Terminator Score could sound like…

I wanted to create a video that would give the fans a vague idea of what a Terminator film scored by Tom might be like.

For this video I attempted to replace Brad’s score with Brothers in Arms from Mad Max: Fury Road. I couldn’t completely remove the previous score, but I did try my best. I hope you could ignore this detail.

Please enjoy Terminator Reprise

Josh Nitsche

Josh, you did a great job man; we really enjoyed the montage you put together.


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