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Exclusive: Who Reprogrammed and Sent Guardian AKA Pops in Terminator Genisys Revealed

By: On April 4th, 2018

A recent Facebook post teasing story content for Terminator Genisys Rise of the Resistance; the new Terminator Genisys board game, reveals the people who sent Pops… but wait who is this talking?

Terminator Genisys Rise of The Resistance Story spoke to Lynnvander Studios and we are proud to reveal that Alex AKA SkyNet (Matt Smith) is the one talking in this dialogue.

This means that SkyNet helped John Connor and Kyle Reese to reprogram Guardian, which now means that friendly old pops might not have been so friendly after all and the final movie of the Terminator Genisys trilogy could have eventually revealed Arnold’s T-800 as the biggest saboteur infiltration unit of the now cancelled trilogy.

Terminator Genisys Rise of the-Resistance The Guardian Schwarzenegger

Who sent pops/guardian was one of the the biggest mysteries of the Terminator Genisys timeline and it is nice to see that the people who did invest in the Genisys timeline are going to get some answers and closure with this new board game. The expanded story content for Terminator Genisys Rise of the Resistance is written by accomplished author and editor John Helfers (Shadowrun, Battletech).

Guardian SkyNet Terminator Genisys

If you loved Terminator Genisys YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS BOARD GAME and if you didn’t like Terminator Genisys then (with expanded content, interesting story, artwork, some top notch miniature figures and some Schwarzenegger action) it might make it a worthy purchase regardless.

Terminator Genisys Rise of the Resistance is coming to Kickstarter on April 9th.

Terminator Genisys Rise of the Resistance The Board Game

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Ehhhh………no, sounds like this is something that might have happened in a different variant of the Genisys-style Future War sequence/timeline (kyle jumping into 1984 and the reprogrammed T800 jumping into 1995 to intercept Skynet’s T1000) because the Guardian is completely absent in the final version of what we see in the film.


However this does kinda supports the idea that the Guardian T800 and the Byung Hu Lee’s T1000 that we see in Genisys are actually the reprogrammed T800 and Skynet’s T1000 that we know from T2JD but instead of landing in 1995 they somehow ended up landing in 1973.