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Exclusive: Make Terminator: Genisys Rated R

By: On September 11th, 2014

The Age Rating/Classification of the next Terminator movie has been of concern to hardcore fans of the franchise for some time. In an industry ruled by money; allowing a movie to be seen by a wider audience seems more financially viable for studios,- sometimes at the expense of fans who have to witness movies being aimed at the wrong audience (much to our dislike) and then pay to view a movie which fails to achieve its potential resulting in a product they don’t love. website has continually kept on the R Rated crusade regardless and we will not stop EVER until we get the voices of fans heard!

It is now time for the voices of fans to be heard and for them to ask for one simple thing… Please make Terminator: Genisys Rated R. All comments are from fans, comments on social networks, images and vlogs.

The initial R Rated Promise:

After Terminator Salvation we were concerned that it would be possible a 5th Terminator would be rated PG-13. We took to twitter and sent a tweet to Terminator: Genisys producer Megan Ellison back in 2012.

She responded with the following…


This was while her production company ‘Annapurna Pictures’ was in control of the project, after she took Annapurna out the picture Skydance Productions and Paramount Pictures took over and the production companies like to make family orientated movies together. Making Rated R movies didn’t look like it was on the agenda.

As the rating was never confirmed or clarified after the departure of Annapurna Pictures we could no longer take this promise seriously as concerns were not addressed.

What we hope to achieve:

Genisys has wrapped and is now in post production, if the movie was not filmed with R in mind then sadly we may not get an R but it is still possible for studios to re-shoot scenes and add new dialogue even as long as months after filming wraps.

Terminator: Genisys is part of a trilogy… this means two more movies will come under what we consider; the threat of Age Rating/Classification. Fans need to take the power back and to make their opinion count!

This is not an attack or a boycott on Terminator: Genisys, it is what it is. This is a movement to show that there is a market for R Rated Terminator movies and that we will pay to see them.

We also ask Hollywood to consider R Rating in filming of movies by coordinating filming to adhere to both hardcore fans and the wider audience… TV gets edited, movies toned down for pre-water shed viewing why can’t the movie industry do the same for franchises like RoboCop and Terminator and their theatrical releases?

Terminator Genisys Rated R

Can I still get involved?

If you feel passionately about this then show Hollywood that you want Terminator: Genisys to be Rated R by continuing the support on social networks, discussion with family or friends and show Skydance and Paramount that it would be financially viable to make this movie the Rated R movie it should be.

You can do one of the following:

  • Record a vlog (video) of yourself telling Hollywood and that you want more R Rated Terminator movies in the future and that you will pay to see them. You can share a view or opinion and you can even get your friends involved with the video. Stand up and be heard and have fun doing it!
  • Voice video or soundclip. Just link us to it.
  • Text Video.
  • A piece of Artwork supporting R Rating and Terminator. Depict a scene of gore, i.e, the T-800 tearing out a heart, the T-1000 impaling somebody with his arm- use your imagination.
  • Comment on this website page below or send a comment to us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. We will accept written comment submissions.
  • Take a picture supporting Terminator Genisys to be Rated R. Example below…
Terminator Genisys Rated R

Kevin Wales : Terminator Fan

So what are you waiting for… stand up, be counted and be heard, because if you don’t you have no right to complain if your soup has been pissed in.

No Fate but what we make for ourselves…

We are the fans, if you’re listening to this you are the resistance…

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Cracking article, come on Hollywood it makes sense Terminator was intended to be R Rated make it happen!

Thanks for voicing your opinion. It is great to see passion reigniting in the fans once again.

Rhys RizesPeizes Salmonson
Rhys RizesPeizes Salmonson

This movie needs to be R rated. The Expendables 3 getting cut down to a PG-13 was bad enough. If a movie is meant to be R rated. Make it R rated!

Amen brother!


It has to be R Rated. If it isn’t then I have lost what little respect I had in the movie industry.

Kevin Wales
Kevin Wales

It’s true. This film and all the others should have been R rating, not smiling 13 year old John Connor holding masking tape when they entered Cyberdyne, or Arnie making a wise comment before he was lowered in to the molten steel at the end of T2.


[…] thing’s for sure, the fans want this movie to be Rated R and fans have spoken, you can check the video out here and find out how you can join the fight to make sure Terminator: Genisys gets the R Rating it truly […]


I very hope Terminator Genisys will be r rated, because terminator with pg13 not terminator. Fist terminator was very brutal and scary.

Terminator without R is Terminato… who wants to watch that?


it should be R rated, but like all franchise all they want is to make money first even if the movie is a sh*t, i´m not optimistic. None of the trilogy´s (batman, etc) are R rated, and I don´t believe Terminator would be the exception. Remenber Padilha suffering the cut down of the industry, (and all of we know that at the end robocop was terrible bad…..)

All we can hope is that the studios will listen and make the necessary moves to engage the hardcore fan base. These are the people that buy premium collectibles… There is no demand for T3 or Salvation collectibles. The toy line for Salvation ‘Playmates’ failed hideously. Playmates planned to release numerous waves of figures for Salvation and then to release waves for earlier movies but the PG-13 Rating did the damage and made sure all financial backing and interest was lost. PG-13 is not only bad for fans but it is a terrible business venture to make a PG-13 Terminator… Read more »

Nader Osama
Nader Osama

It has to be R Rated


Good luck with that. If it was the mid 80’s then it would be possible but in 2014 the audience age dynamic is much lower. no large studio is going to miss out on the revenue from family friendly 12/13 cert.
Why do think disney/marvel have made all their comic movie in that age bracket?

Sexual Chocolate
Sexual Chocolate

Well its not Rated R. Oh well. Im still going to watch it, but now know it will be at best T3 good and at worst T4 good.