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Debunked: Brad Fiedel is NOT Scoring Terminator: Dark Fate

By: On February 27th, 2019

We previously reported that legendary Terminator composer Brad Fiedel looked likely to compose the score for Terminator: Dark Fate (Terminator 6), due to Mr. Fiedel having been listed on IMDb for composing the music for the new Terminator movie.

Most fans were very much interested in Brad returning to the Terminator franchise, to reignite the fever-dream heartbeat of the machines soundtrack, which he created with The Terminator (1984) and continued on with Terminator 2: Judgment Day. reached out to Brad for confirmation, and Brad confirmed he is not coming back for Terminator: Dark Fate…

It appears that the initial information posted on IMDb about Brad Fiedel composing Terminator: Dark Fate could be as a result of a roll-over credit, or a third party edit for reasons unknown. We have no idea why someone would purposely edit Terminator: Dark Fate’s cast and crew information without proper authority but it is certainly a possibility that something could have been gained by doing so.

Thank you to for the information; we had our suspicions about the situation due to the fact we don’t feel the studios would release such important information so early on in post-production and without a official announcement.

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James T
James T


Vincent Michel
Vincent Michel

Plutôt étrange comme situation en effet…j’ai plutôt des doute set des soupçons concernant aussi bien ImDb que Brad FIEDEL lui même qui oserai nous mentir pour garder la surprise et le suspens ? disons que j’ai vérifier une source sur la biographie de Mr Fiedel et il savère qu’à priori il reviendrait car son activité est confirmé pour fin d’années 2019 !


It’s almost unacceptable, but a complete shame, none the less. Brad is, in my opinion, the most crucial component to a true Terminator film. More than Arnold, Linda, more than anybody but Jim Cameron. I don’t believe anybody can really get the emotional truth across musically to Terminator, the way he can. The best we can hope for is a pretender – somebody who follows dilligently in his footsteps. Even then, it won’t be what it should. If it isn’t Brad doing the score, I can almost guarantee it will be Junkie XL. Tim Miller is using the entire crew… Read more »


Junkie xl? I highly doubt that. That style of music or similar over a Terminator film doesn’t make sense. I’m pretty confident event Tim Miller knows that.


A damn shame…. I knew it was too good to be true. I honestly cannot think of another composer who can capture the energy/feeling needed for a Terminator film. Most soundtracks today are so generic sounding.