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Scoop: New Terminator 2: 3D (2017) Teaser Trailer Has Terminated Sarah Connor

By: On September 9th, 2016

A Teaser for China’s Terminator Fans featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert Patrick, Edward Furlong and NO LINDA HAMILTON AS SARAH CONNOR!?

Only the back of Linda’s head is seen… quite an insult for the real hero of the Terminator franchise. What next- remove her from the movie altogether?

Sarah Connor Shes Back Terminator 2 3D

We are outraged, and it really shows how sexist Hollywood is… or is this how sexist the studios think Asia is?

Let us know what you think about this in the comments below…

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4 responses to “Scoop: New Terminator 2: 3D (2017) Teaser Trailer Has Terminated Sarah Connor”

  1. Seth Rollin's KneePad says:

    Man, all the ladies in the movies and TV shows for Terminator are getting constantly compared to her, (and failing) but she doesn’t even get half a second of face time? OUTRAGE!

    • It seems the marketing is focusing visually on Arnold and Eddie (their relationship) and Jim Cameron’s face being projected on screens like he is SkyNet itself (the tacky version of SkyNet from the last two sequels). The mighty Sarah Connor;- Linda Hamilton, the true star of Terminator 2: Judgment Day is snubbed once again and her her iconic status diminished as a serious and respected actress. This is just borderline unfair at this point especially after the way she was treated in the past. We believed in the first two movies because of this talent.

      More and more people are saying Linda is the true star across the internet and we support all those claims 100%. Arnold never impressed audiences again like the way he did in 1984 and T2 was a success on the back of the original and now he is too politically correct to play the bad guy Terminator again. #SadButTrue

  2. […] The lack of Linda Hamilton in the marketing and generally other actors is also just plain boring. The Real Sarah Connor being thrown away and disregarded does not rub well with us and it won’t with many. Notably Linda Hamilton was removed from a teaser of T2 in China (click here to see it). […]

  3. Rudy Alapag says:

    I’ll be back to see TERMINATOR 2 3D at UNIVERSAL HOLLYWOOD in NOVEMBER after I turn 40. I LOVE TERMINATOR. I will be getting a year pass so whenever I want to go. Can’t wait to see what’s up this time. In another time near the future.

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