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Happy Birthday Todd Voight AKA Xander Berkeley

By: On December 16th, 2016

Todd and Janelle are dicks, but I’ve gotta warn them.

Sadly John Connor couldn’t warn his foster parents in time, not that they would have believed him that a liquid metal Terminator sent from the future was any form of a threat to their existence. As we know the T-1000 (Robert Patrick) assumed the identity of Janelle Voight (Jenette Goldstein) and skewered Mr. Voight against the kitchen cupboard with highly accurate precision.

T-1000 Todd Voight Termination

Todd came across as a “dipshit” and an animal hater (Max did try to warn him) but maybe these foster parents really just wanted John to clean his damn room… they did just appear to be ticking boxes and clearing cheques but maybe they did care about John (in some capacity) and if they had treated him very badly we are sure John wouldn’t have minded if the T-1000 had slaughtered them… they did at least let him ride a dirt bike and have band posters all over his bedroom wall (if you saw the special edition/deleted scenes) but maybe we are trying to see the better side of Todd for Xander’s birthday wishes sake… you gotta admit we loved watching Todd die!

Xander Berkley who played Todd Voight is another year older today and although his role in Terminator 2 was minimal it is one of the most memorable Terminations from the franchise, yes- there should have been more blood but the gag created by Stan Winston’s team beats the hell out of the CGI of today, yes you can see the mechanism by his chin but only if you watched T2 the amount of times that we have- would you even notice, who knows  maybe Jim Cameron has ironed it out digitally for the T2:3D release?!

Xander has recently been working with Terminator producer Gale Anne Hurd again on The Walking Dead as the character of Gregory and has quickly become a fan favorite on the show (even though an antagonist) and the character will continue on into 2017!

Xander Berkeley

Happy Birthday Xander and RIP Todd! Let’s all have a glass of milk to celebrate!


Wish Xander a happy birthday in a tweet to @xanderberkeley and @TerminatorFans and we will embed it below for you.

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