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Terminator Popobe Bear Review

By: On July 30th, 2013

Direct Collectibles kindly sent us a Terminator Popobe Bear to take a look at. This collectible is obviously the T-800 Endoskeleton in Bear form. There are a few versions of the Terminator Popobe Bear out there at different sizes and formats eg. Keychain bears etc

What Popobe Terminator doesn't know is that in a few seconds Sarah Connor is going to crush him with the hydraulic press...

What Popobe Terminator doesn’t know is that in a few seconds Sarah Connor is going to crush him with the hydraulic press…

This edition stands 10 Inches tall comes in a gold outer packaging (box) with Popobe branding and “I love you” slogans with hearts so it makes for a great gift to a loved one (especially someone who likes Terminator). There is also a circular hole in the box which the bear creepily peers out. On opening the box you will be met with the Bear inside a plastic bag (good thing Terminators don’t need oxygen) on tearing that open you will have Popobe Terminator in your hands.

The head, arms and legs have standard articulation. The product is made of plastic but feels pretty solid, this collectible will stand up on flat surface and looks extremely cute. The feet themselves are flat and the product’s right foot has the Popobe logo printed on it.

I’m pretty sure both men,  women and children will be attracted to this collectible and we are open to more Terminator bears from Popobe in the future. A T-1000 Bear would be awesome! Although they do a Silver Popobe Bear (with no detail) so this is the next best thing until they do a motorcycle cop T-1000 or an Arnold Schwarenegger Popobe.

Pobobe Terminator Bear

Techno Punch!

The product has a metallic silver paint job (so be sure not to drop this on the floor or get it scratched) obviously if you buy this for a child expect it to get battle-damaged Terminator style. The Endoskeleton detail in black is accurate.

Popobe Bears could also hold potential for fans who like to modify collectibles with custom jobs. Some fans may want to add LED lights to the eyes or to apply Battle-Damage to it with painting techniques. Popobe has also accounted for this themselves by offering plain white Popobe Bears that you can paint and modify your own designs onto. With a blank canvas you can use your imagination to its fullest.

Overall this is an affordable collectible and a great addition to any collector’s collection/display or home. Popobe is something that sparks our interest and we are sure your going to hear much more about them in the future.

Terminator Popobe with Sarah Coca-Cola Bottle

Popobe Terminator with Coca-Cola with Sarah Edition Bottle!

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