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Scoop: UK Release Date For Terminator 2 3D Altered to Judgment Day!

By: On June 13th, 2017

Official release dates stated that the release date for Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D in the UK was August 25th, the date has now changed and according to a statement made at UK press event INTRODUCED BY ROBERT PATRICK (The T-1000) for Terminator 2 3D can report that it has been changed to August 29th 2017. August 29th 1997 was the original date for Judgment Day so the UK is going to follow the tradition of the narrative of the movie by releasing it on JUDGMENT DAY.

Robert Patrick Terminator 2 3D

This could be a tactical marketing decision- which we think makes total sense to do and we fully support, even if we do have to wait 4 extra days to see the movie in the wider UK release, it is going to be so much cooler for UK fans to have Arnold Schwarzenegger talking about Judgment Day’s date whilst fans watch the movie on August 29th 2017!

Terminator 2 3D Release Date UK

So, UK fans; time to reshuffle your schedule to free up August 29th 2017 in your calendar!

We will update this page accordingly if we find out any more information or changes to any schedules involving Terminator 2 3D’s UK release!

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