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Sarah Connor Terminator 2 Charitable Auction Increases The Rewards!

By: On September 27th, 2016

Yesterday was The Real Sarah Connor’s birthday, we posted to wish Linda Hamilton a Happy Birthday and we also launched a charitable auction to help save a Terminator-spotter called Gleann’s life. Without surgery Gleann will sadly die but his condition is totally treatable and he can have a good future with this life saving operation. So we are asking The Terminator Fans to come forward and show we can make a difference #NOFATE and change the future.


You can read more details about Gleann’s condition in the charitable auction launch by clicking here (opens in new window) but if you would rather just fast track and take action then continue reading…. and The Sarah Connor Charm School are increasing the rewards for the winning bidder.

Not only will you get the initial promised signed photo of Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor….

Linda Hamilton Signed Autograph

… but you will now also get all 3 McFarlane Sarah Connor Varient Figures BOXED! (pictured below)

Terminator 2 Sarah Connor Action Figure

These figures have importance in the history of Terminator collecting for 2 reasons, the first being that it was the first real “Action Figure” of Sarah Connor released in 2002 as she was never featured in the original Terminator 2 Kenner ranges; Arnold, Robert and Edward were… Sarah Connor did have a model kit but it was aimed more at adults. Knowing this Linda Hamilton Action figure was in demand McFarlane sent collectors into panic by releasing 3 different versions of the same figure, some in the end being harder to obtain than the others. The figures were part of the 5th Movie Maniacs line of figures, Movie Maniacs usually featured figures of horror/slasher icons and Terminator used to fit the Movie Maniacs range perfectly and rightfully so!

Sarah Connor Action Figure Varients McFarlane

Fill out the form below and we can pass on your bids for the signed photo and 3 Sarah Connor Figures, if you are outbid you will be notified so you can make a higher bid if you wish.

This is time sensitive so we want as quick a closure to this auction as possible, please only make serious bids, no time wasters, you are not just bidding for these rewards, you are contributing towards saving a life. One day Gleann may spot a Terminator and save the human race!

The winning bidder will be responsible for making the donation to ‘The Sarah Connor Charm School’ via Paypal and ‘The Sarah Connor Charm School’ will be responsible for dispatching your signed Autograph of Linda Hamilton and 3 boxed variant Sarah Connor Figures.

Worldwide donation offers welcome.

If you can’t take part in the charitable auction but you still wish to make a small donation to help save Gleann there is a fundraiser you can donate to but it is not associated with this auction/fundraiser (link below), if you can only spare a few dollars, every little helps!

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