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Original Terminator 5 Writers Terminated

By: On January 23rd, 2013

Arnold Schwarzenegger when speaking to The Sun Newspaper revealed that the new writers of Terminator 5 Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier actually replaced the original writers who were never named in one of our previous new stories way back in October 2012 in which Arnold stated the script was being worked on and production would start within the year.

The old writers (still unamed) were obviously sacked for not going in the “right direction”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks Terminator 5

He revealed that writing has now begun on the project, and that he is pleased with the direction of the film so far, having not been too fond of the original concept.

“They’re writing right now Terminator 5,” he told The Sun. “There have been some writers on it for the last year-and-a-half and they could not pull it off.

“We have told them over and over that they are going in the wrong direction, now they’ve finally got rid of those writers and they’ve got new really quality writers.

“Now they’re going in the right direction. I think this year the script will be finished and we will be able to go into pre-production.”

What is the right direction anymore? All we know is comedy and light family entertainment is the wrong direction and we hope this next movie is not a repeat of previous failures.

So there you have it. We always classed a script being in the works as a form of pre-production but obviously what pre-production truly means is the artists get to work, the people get hired and then the movies on the way to be getting made. So Terminator 5 is now in action mode. We just hope it turns out to be a science fiction masterpiece and not another average summer action movie.

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10 responses to “Original Terminator 5 Writers Terminated”

  1. This is the guy who liked T 3 so keep that in mind

    • admin says:

      We totally agree that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s idea of a good Terminator movie seems to be a million miles away from what fans actually want. He wanted the T-800 to drink beer in the first Terminator movie… Cameron said no. They need someone to tell him NO when required or else you end up with a comedy parody movie like “T3”. Arnold should know through experience of the franchise what is required of him. He needs to ditch the one liners for this project or doom awaits. We want a Science Fiction Masterpiece not a summer action movie Arnold! Can anyone say no to Arnold anymore? Schwarzenegger’s best performance in the Terminator saga was the first Terminator movie. He needs the mindset of 1984… that’s where he can obtain his redemption with fans/global audience.

      • Sumire Kotani says:

        I completely agree! Terminator 1 was a science fiction horror movie. The Terminator was effectively a mechanical serial killer, it could not be stopped. Everything worked in the aspect of what needed to be done, you have a story, a hero, a villain and a conclusion wherein the villain is dispatched and the story moves on. With T2, while a great movie, it established the whole idea of Schwarzenegger not wanting to be the bad guy, which – again – while being a great blockbuster movie, *should* have paved the way for him to come back as a villain in Terminator 3. And instead, we get some lukewarm explanation of him having killed John Connor – after – he’d already defeated Sky-Net in 2032, and was sent back by his wife, Kathryn Brewster?!? Oh and Judgment Day was inevitable, so everything that happened in Terminator 2 was essentially pointless at best. I will not divulge on the various things I can count that would have made Terminator 3 a better movie… so moving on.

        Then we get on into Terminator 4 (Salvation), where even without Schwarzenegger to provide either a hero or villain, T4 managed to in some fashion, provide some insight as to how John Connor became the leader of the resistance… and while it was only mentioned as a passing reference in the beginning of the film, we discover the T-800 was on its way to being developed. And while it was nice to see Arnold (at least his face computer generated onto Roland Kickinger’s), as a means of cementing the movie as a Terminator film, we really wound up with something diametrically opposed to what we have wanted to see since the opening scenes of Terminator 1 – massive battles being waged in the ruins of what used to be major cities (yes, I loved the whole scene of Marcus looking out over an obliterated Los Angeles) but what we seen in T4 was nothing like the future war we’ve seen, the absolute darkness (literal and metaphorical), the obliterated landscape littered with pulverized buildings, vehicles, human skulls and other remains. Terminator 4 never really showcased the situation seen in the flashback scenes from T1 & T2 like the desperation, the fight for survival, or the constant fight day or night where you had trouble telling what time of day it was because of fact that a massive nuclear exchange took place and kicked up a shit ton of nuclear debris in the atmosphere obscuring the sky, rendering everything in a sort of permanent night. Bring back the *OLD* H-K Aerials constantly roaming the skies, and the H-K Tanks roaming the surface hunting anything that so much as moved! Bring back the ORIGINAL CONCEPT of Sky-Net, the one that was a massive supercomputer/AI located in the Cheyenne Mountain Complex in Colorado, bring back the whole part of the concentration camps, the whole “most of us were rounded up, put in camps for orderly disposal” the whole bit of “Some of us were kept alive, to work, loading bodies. The disposal units ran night and day.” Bring back the entire “John Connor must be killed” or Sky-Net loses the war for its existence, not some half-baked cat-and-mouse game wherein Sky-Net, or its machines always come close but never succeed bit. So far, in order, Sky-Net has targeted Sarah Connor, John Connor as a child, John Connor’s wife and lieutenants, and Kyle Reese. I mean what’s next, going after John Connor’s grandmother or Kyle Reese’s father, or mother before he’s born?! NO MORE TIME TRAVEL! It worked for Terminator. It worked for Terminator 2… and it – kind of – worked for Terminator 3, but in having the presence of two machines arriving in 2004 already set things into motion that invalidated everything done in T2, we understand… We finally get to Terminator 4 and establish that we’re in the post-nuclear holocaust ruins of everything, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LET’S FINALLY GET TO THE FUTURE WAR LIKE WE’VE SEEN IN T1 & T2 (fuck the scene shown in Terminator 3), BACK TO BASICS GODDAMNIT!!!

      • Moorkan Ettadi says:

        Drink beer? Seriously? That’d have looked comical.

  2. Chris says:

    I totally agree and you kjust nailed it my freind!

  3. keith parry says:

    hiya guys! , i totally agree with you lot, i think they should at least write more than one script , maybe even 5 of them to make sure the script is 100% first class.
    i was watching the first one a few nights ago and never noticed how shiny arnold’s face was in it but in later films he just looked like your normal average joe, but he still looked great in t2, and the fact that in terminator 1 he hardly said a word bar ( i’ll be back! ) he did all his acting with facial expression which is what made it that scary and exciting and that what made him a house hold name.
    i think it should go the darker story route and get back to its route’s and make it that house hold name again.
    and lastly what do you guys think of bring back edward furlong as they were going to bring him back in the first one but he was in rehab again!! but maybe its to late for him now but lets face it he did make the second film great even for his first film buts thats probly just me really but its still a idea 🙂 .
    i hope they dont bodge this one up again 🙁 🙁 🙁

    • admin says:

      Hi Keith,

      The problem is the second movie wanted us to accept Arnold as a fatherly figure and the movie was to be open to a younger audience for merchandising effect. Arnold in T1 had that evil synthetic look because Jeff Dawn (the make-up artist) was putting KY Jelly on his face to give it a slightly rubbery sheen for the cameras. They need to put the KY on his face in the next movie and he really needs to leave his one liner BS in the past if he want success with another Terminator movie. A great script will bring natural one liners and not forced one-liners like the ones in T3, “Talk to the hand”.

      We hope they don’t fuck this one up too.

  4. Maria says:

    Hi all from Sweden here. Looking forward to “Terminator”. Hope they do not do a trilogy of the 3 once at the beginning, that it is stories after “Terminator Salvation”-story and what happens to Skynet. Looking forward to see Mr Schwarzenegger again. Hugh Maria

  5. Kevin Wales says:

    I have faith in the T5 team. Is it right Megan Ellison has sold or ditched her involvement in the film?

    • Well she initially obtained the rights for Annapurna to make the movie, then she enlisted her brothers company Skydance Productions to co-produce later on. It us unknown why but Megan decided to drop Annapurna out of the picture and handed the reigns to her brother David who then enlisted Paramount to co-fund the movie and distribute it. She is apparently staying on as a producer but obviously she will not be involved to the extent she would have been if Annapurna was attached.

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