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Mexican Dani Ramos is The 18 Year Old Female Lead and Savior of Terminator 6

By: TheTerminatorFans.com On November 19th, 2017

Damn… the Terminator 6 story leaks start and we get switched off a little more. The 18 year old female lead will be called “Dani Ramos” in Terminator 6 and the torch will be passed to her for the new Terminator trilogy supposedly, that is if this even becomes a trilogy. Sounds like the new Karthryn Brewster. The movie was more exciting when you knew nothing about it.

This is nothing to do with the fact with the character is Mexican… we didn’t want a torch pass. AT ALL.

Jeff Sneider drops the plot bomb:

Mexico City is one of the locations and one we predicted the filming locations would replicate in some form of Mexico as it makes sense in a Terminator 2 sequel plot but the hero of the Terminator franchise is “Dani Ramos”?

It looks like they are looking for a new villain, so Arnold will probably be the good guy again (Yawn).

A movie with 7 male writers, James Cameron busy directing Avatar movies and Dani, fucking, Ramos- taking the torch from The Real Sarah Connor and Arnold’s Uncle Bob or whatever they call him this time -the Gate Keeper flux time capacitor Model 101?

It is really hard to get excited after the last few movies. Sorry that we are not jumping up in glee about Dani Ramos the new savior of the Terminator franchise.

Totally nothing wrong with a Mexican actress coming in to play hardball in the Terminator franchise and we are all for female equality here but we wanted that to be all for Linda Hamilton this time around, could Dani Ramos not disappear until the next movie and write her out until then? Just an opinion of course.

Is Enrique Salceda’s daughter the savior of mankind?

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6 Comments on "Mexican Dani Ramos is The 18 Year Old Female Lead and Savior of Terminator 6"

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Your Uncle Casey

Calm down, man. Try to be positive. At least Cameron is in control again. Give it time.

Unni P M

I don’t believe that he is in control. First, he’s busy with his Avatar sequels. Second, he is just a creative consultant. Not the main writer. Besides, the comment he made about Genisys after watching it was a big lie in my opinion. My hunch is that he is not really passionate about this reboot.

Your Uncle Casey

You’re right about that – he definitely lied about his endorsement for Genisys. No way a guy like James Cameron actually liked that shitty movie. And if I remember correctly, he admitted later that he only endorsed it as a favor to Arnold.


Come on folks. No need to be negative! These are exciting times.

Brian selmon

They should udate the name to…Should be something like the tiltle being “SKYNET” or something along those lines.

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