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Mackenzie Davis Plays “Enhanced Human” in Terminator: Dark Fate

By: On April 12th, 2019


We have previously speculated that Mackenzie Davis’ role in the new Terminator movie, Terminator: Dark Fate appeared to us to be a human/Terminator hybrid, this speculation was based on images and reports which were coming out of Cartagena, Spain during the filming there.

One such report stated:

“For the third and final day, in the last month and a half, Cartagena became the scene of the raids of the Connor, his followers and the ‘cyborg’ that protect or persecute them since the saga began. “Look, that’s the double of the bad one in the movie,” says a young man as he watches a muscular blond woman, 1.80m tall, with an arm made up as if she had suffered a deep wound, letting on a metallic skeleton.”

We wondered if, in the very same article that we ran the Spanish report in, Mackenzi Davis’ ‘Grace’ character might be unaware that she was in fact a Terminator, ala Terminator Salvation’s Marcus Wright.

In July 2018, we said:

“We felt her [Mackenzie’s] character was from the future and she is covered in mysterious scars in almost consistent patterns on her flesh, we have seen in earlier set reports that she seems slightly vulnerable, needing assistance and needing to be carried by Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes) but we have seen this before with Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington) in Terminator Salvation- where he was unaware that he was half human/half Terminator. With this in mind we are going to press forward and speculate that Mackenzie Davis was a SkyNet experiment and if she is part machine she is not aware of it… she still has emotions and feels pain but she is potentially a machine but possibly as much human as machine… ?”

Some information which came from CinemaCon 2019 described Mackenzie Davis’ character as having “mechanical” vision. This obviously means some kind of HUD interface; something mostly known to fans as ‘Terminator Vision’, this could suggest that Mackenzie’s character of ‘Grace’ knows she is an upgraded human/soldier perhaps… ?

io9 said:

“The couple helps her up and carries her to their car, and then the police arrive. The couple explains this person just fell from the sky, but the cop doesn’t believe them. “Oh yeah, I love when it rains naked ladies,” he says as he’s arresting the man. However, when the officer touches Davis, she wakes up. We see her point of view, which isn’t exactly Terminator vision but is definitely something mechanical. She notices the cop’s gun and immediately goes to town on the police, smashing one officer, throwing another. It doesn’t look like she kills anyone but she completely neutralizes like four officers.”


We know from Instagram that the couple described as making out and helping Mackenzie Davis to their car after she arrives are actors Claudia Trujillo ‘Maria’ and Daniel Ibáñez ‘Miguel’ with one of the Mexico City cops being played by Mario de la Rosa.

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The first images of “Terminator : Dark Fate” were shown in @cinemacon yesterday , “the clip featured Mackenzie Davis whose naked body we first see falling from a ball of electricity that’s formed in the middle of a Mexico City bridge. A young couple (Us😏) see the apparently injured woman and try to help , only for the cops to show up and try to arrest them. She perks up and quickly lays waste to the cops, saving the couple who’d tried to assist her. The couple thanks her for saving them but she peels off in their car having stolen the guy’s clothes.” Terminator @terminator comes out November 1st 2019!!!!#cinemacon #terminatordarkfate #terminator6 #terminator #variety #entertainmentweekly #deadline #actorsoneagency

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Now we have confirmation of what Mackenzie’s character actually is, as have spoken to Ms. Davis about her role in Terminator: Dark Fate and she told them:

“I can say that I’m an enhanced human being and I come to Mexico City under a mysterious mission to protect Dani Ramos played by Natalia Reyes, and that’s about it,”

Mackenzie Davis

It is interesting to know that Mackenzie is playing a hybrid, the fact that she will have both human weaknesses mixed with Terminator strengths should allow for an element of fallibility in regards to how much damage she can take before she becomes too vulnerable to fight, or defend herself and others.

Find out our thoughts, previous fan predictions and also find out why Grace is most likely NOT John Connor (for those that believe she is) in the video below.


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this sounds alright to me, but the similarities to cameron’s other pet project, battle angel alita, are too striking. grace as JC is a hilarious theory and proof as to how crazy fans can get when left to their imagination. has anyone considered that he might be diego boneta?


I really do not care for the hybrid idea, as, to me, it dilutes Terminator into something it shouldn’t be. The concept of Skynet marrying its technology with the frailty of a human being, just doesn’t make much sense…As Skynet should detest and reject human beings for their weaknesses in both their emotions and their free will. A master computer would want a slave race of thoughtless killing machines. Each perfectly conceived to be better and more efficient than any weakness a human possess. It didn’t work in Salvation – in fact – the logic behind the whole idea was… Read more »

Vincent Michel
Vincent Michel

Je pense ce personnage sera plus qu’interessant et laissera du suspens aux fans de savoir si elle sera plus un humain pour protéger la resistance ou alors un Terminator programmé de Skynet pour gagner la confiance des humains et au final trahir son camp et tout détruire sur son passage ! Un petit peu à l’idée du TH de Marcus Wright dans T4 avec une idée plutôt bien développé !