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John Connor Polystone Statue Review

By: On February 1st, 2013


John Connor Polystone StatueThe John Connor Polystone Statue is the perfect addition for any fan of Terminator Salvation or Christian Bale’s take on the leader of the human resistance in the war against the machines. There is no doubt that Christian Bale,- though having a troubled script to work with, did leave an impression in the world of Terminator and many fans are open to him returning in the iconic role of John Connor in the confirmed fifth Terminator movie.

Sideshow Collectibles were kind enough to send a John Connor Polystone Statue to us to take a look at so we can go into more depth with you on this limited edition collectible. Only 500 have been made and that’s all so once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

The delivery of the item (which came overseas) was ridiculously fast and more than impressive. On opening the main box you will be met with another box but this box is really special and has a great packaging design in the style of Salvation’s futuristic look.

The product comes in two pieces; John himself and the T-600 Torso stand on which he stands victorious with one foot firmly on his fallen enemy. The two pieces slot together firmly and solidly.

The detail on the sculpt is staggering. The paintwork is also of Sideshow’s usual high standard.

The statue does carry the weight of the character and imbues it with a life almost of its own.

This is John Connor in his days before his Battle with the T-800 Prototype, so he is facial scar free and in the early stages of winning the trust and allegiance of his co-fighters. Making the world believe you’re a prophesied leader of the resistance is no easy task. The pose of the character radiates power and strength, the facial expression and eyes reflect the hardship of having no real life but to fight towards a possible future free of the threat of the machines.

Sideshow Collectibles John Connor Statue

The John Connor Polystone Statue by Sideshow Collectibles will one day be a cult piece for Collectors of Terminator and Christian Bale.

We recommend this product highly and for proper continuity reasons maybe Mr. Bale should reprise his role as John Connor for the next movie… Who knows?

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Sideshow Collectibles John Connor

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