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Gargoyles Classic 2015 Sunglasses Review

By: On October 21st, 2015


“They’re back” but over 30 years later do Gargoyles still have what it takes to impress the world as they did with the iconic model of Sunglasses used in 1984 when Arnold wore them in ‘The Terminator’… ?

The Terminator Quad Poster

Official Description:

This iconic rimless style incorporates tradition and cutting edge innovation. Make no mistake, Classic’s are back. Light weight but robust, Classic offers outstanding ANSI Z87.1+ level protection with anti-reflective and oleo-phobic treatment to repel water and resist smudging to make cleaning easier. Additionally, Classic’s famous toric shield lenses provide the user with a fully unobstructed vertical viewing pane. All Gargoyles lenses are ballistic-rated – meeting or exceeding ANSI Z871.1+ impact standards. For more information on ANSI Z87.1+ or Protection+, click here. (Available in both tactical ratings)

The Terminator Fans Gargoyles ANSI Classic

The 2015 ‘Classic’ is the style seen in Terminator Genisys and an actual physical pair of these were scanned in by a VFX department to be placed on the young Guardian (CGI) seen carrying young Sarah Connor in the year of 1973 (flashback).

Guardian Terminator GenisysIt perhaps would have made more sense for the real Arnold to have worn them in the 2017 time period at a point in time where the actual glasses would exist.

Moving swiftly on…

First off; the box has like a cool metallic style (very T2 if you ask us).
Gargoyles-BoxLike opening the vault at Cyberdyne Systems- you will be presented with a grenade style zip case… which is very protective and a brilliant evolution from the leather pop-cases seen previously shipped with Gargoyles Classic’s.

Gargoyles Classic Box Case

Only one military style zip action away from ultimate Terminator protection and style.

Gargoyles Classic Sunglasses Zip Case

If you are going to cosplay as The Terminator or get dressed up for Halloween and you want that special (and ultimately best) 1984 T-800 look then these glasses definitely help achieve that and they come with a level of protection should you have an accident or break your beloved pair of Gargoyles, as they help you to get a new pair in accordance with guidelines and guarantee of the product.

Gargoyles® Performance Eyewear “Do the Right Thing”™ Limited Warranty:

At Gargoyles, we want to Do the Right Thing ™ by our customers. We want you to continue wearing and loving our brand, so we created a special warranty for our loyal customers. We make it easy for you to resolve any issues with damaged or unusable sunglasses, whether it’s due to manufacturer’s defect or “user error.”

These Gargoyles are not an officially branded ‘The Terminator’ or ‘Terminator Genisys’ product, well, “Not yet” anyway. Gargoyles also informed us that the pair seen in 1984’s The Terminator were slightly modified for the movie and there could be possibility for an officially branded product in the future in special packaging but it would rely on the success of this line.Gargoyles-BackSome gripes that have come up in the community is that these glasses are not 100% movie accurate (to T1) but after comparing them with an older pair (the leather case version) the difference is minimal and the most notable comparison is the gargoyles logo on the front has changed ever so slightly in design obviously due to modernizing their design and image as a brand… We think they have totally succeeded and we have yet to hear a complaint about the new wave of Gargoyles.

Overall this is also a cool new collectible and if you own the previous models or 85 sunglasses then this will sit perfectly in your collection and is a good addition to any Terminator/Gargoyles collection.

Gargoyles Sunglasses Classic

Gargoyles Classic’s come in various colors but if you want the The Terminator (1984) look you need the ‘Black/Black Ice/Silver’ version but if want to collect them all they have some other cool colors including clear versions.

Blue Mirror Gargoyles Classic Bronze Gargoyles Classic

They are very easy on the eyes (pardon the pun), they look stunning right out of the box and are extremely appealing in a stylish way,- they very much make a statement. The new Gargoyles still feel like a Terminator product and are a solid and reliable purchase for any Terminator fan.

New 85’s are now also available too, ’85’ meaning 85% of the size of the Classic’s.

While not branded with the ANSI name the glasses do meet ANSI industry standards and exceed in a high level of quality.

A must have for die-hard Terminator Fans.

Look into the future and get your own Classic’s by clicking here NOW!


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Logan Wood
Logan Wood

A nice substitute for those not looking to obtain the identical ones worn by Arnold in the first film or even a vintage pair of 85mm versions. It’s all about which style you prefer, classic or modernized classic. Either way you can’t go wrong with a pair of Gargoyles. I own two pair of originals. The 84 Originals I wouldn’t trade my originals for anything. They are pictured below with original carrying bag and manual.

Very nice!


Got my new pair the other day. Nice! Now, any word if Persol will re-issue its 58230 sunglasses used in T2?