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First Draft of Terminator 6 Script Has September 2017 Deadline

By: On July 30th, 2017

Our friends over at Manly Movie report that a first draft of the Terminator 6 Script has a deadline! The first draft is due in at Skydance for September and the story/concept for the Untitled Terminator Reboot has been forwarded by none other than Mr. James Cameron himself.

This week he gave an exclusive interview in his home country to the newspaper Krone. Lucky for them, but if course if you can’t give an exclusive to your kin at home then I don’t know!

Anyway, Arnold has told the Austrian paper that Terminator 6 is still happening, in fact it’s moving along solidly. Our pal The Austrian Oak tells us that Arnold has revealed that the concept behind the new movie has been forwarded by none other than James Cameron himself.

What’s more, the first draft of the script is due in September, with a view to begin filming in 2018. Arnold has also signed on to star. One thing is for sure, it can’t be worse than the last movie and Cameron’s involvement means that there will be a certain degree of quality assurance.

Terminator 6 is starting to progress at a geometric rate… don’t blink, or you just may miss the theatrical run all together.

First Draft Terminator 6 Script Untitled Reboot

Even better, Arnold tells his countrymen that he is done with this ‘fucking tie business’ and has ruled out any further political ambitions, meaning that his plans for a senate run are no longer in place.  Good, Arnold should remain a cultural icon and not a political one… politics is rotten to the core anyway.

The other thing… Arnold also says that the Twins sequel and more importantly the Conan sequel are still happening.  To me, Conan is the real big news.  That’s the one that can really bring Arnold back to an AAA star.

Apparently Arnold is done with politics, but he still wants to terminate Gerrymandering… is that not political? Maybe that is his final mission.

News of more Conan and the Twins sequel ‘Triplets’ should please many.

Source: Manly Movie

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