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Exclusive: New Terminator: Dark Fate United States Reshoot Info and Images

By: On July 5th, 2019


*Spoiler Warning* Rumors of reshoots on Terminator: Dark Fate began back in June on Reddit, and we saw some proof of reshoots on an Instagram story but due to the private nature of the account; we didn’t want to breach privacy, so we didn’t report on it.
What we saw looked minor in terms of reshooting, some action and nothing out the ordinary for a Hollywood super-production like T:DF.

It is fairly common for reshoots on movies that have the scale of Terminator: Dark Fate and have lots of action etc. but from what we have seen, from the outside looking in; the reshoots didn’t look major but maybe they are more extensive than we realized?
Though a large quantity of Terminator: Dark Fate was also filmed on Blue Chroma Key (green screen), major changes are happening behind the closed doors of the Paramount Pictures lot.

Stuntman Lucas Di Médio is doing stunts for Terminator: Dark Fate at Paramount’s studios… he posted the following to his Instagram.

On set huge cast for Big Feature film,can’t talk about it…but it’s huge stars on it!
T800 is on and his crew,spec ops.i guess I can It’s Terminator 6,huge cast and the trailer it’s already out!we shooting stunt scenes in Blue screen in Cgi and Motion Capture in 3D,sick ass dope amazing director and cast.period.

Lucas Di Médio

Our first thought is that Lucas could be a Resistance soldier but he says “spec ops” and that does make sense in terms of possibly hunting down presumed “terrorist” Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton). The listing for Mr. Di Médio states that his role is as “Dani’s Soldier” as part of post-production, which would seemingly confirm that Natalia Reyes’ character of Dani Ramos looks very likely to be the new leader of the resistance – something which was stated in the leaks.

Lucas says the T-800 is on set (Arnold) and some fans did notice he was growing his beard back recently (possibly for these scenes).

The following Instagram post of Lucas showing off his dressing room to his followers reveals that he has been working in the United States on T:DF at the Paramount lot since June 11th 2019, so it is nearing a month of him working on Terminator: Dark Fate in the U.S. Whether that is consistently, or on and off, is unknown but this feels pretty late in the production for such hefty filming work but when things are filmed on blue-screen it becomes easier to tweak and change things we guess…

Some photos appeared on Instagram on the 25th of June showing stand-ins for Linda Hamilton and Natalia Reyes in a jeep.

Thanks to photographer, Steven Harrie, we have a few extra Exclusive pictures he took, and some of the ones he posted to Instagram also in higher quality so the fans can have a closer more detailed look.

We managed to speak to the photographer Steven Harrie, about these photographs.

Where were these scenes being filmed?

Vets park in Culver City.

Were the pictures you posted on instagram uploaded on the same day you took them, or were they old?

Yes, same day.

Were Linda Hamilton and Natalia Reyes actually there – or just the stand-ins we can see in the pics?

Just the stand-ins.

Just reshoot ‘pick up’ shots? Do you know how long this filming lasted in Culver City?

Seemed to be one day.

Any idea what looked to be happening in the scenes?

They drove up and down a street with extras along it, just a guy with a camera.

Steven also told that the production, for this day of filming in Veterans Park, Culver City, also had a code-name and he didn’t know what it was but you can bet it wasn’t Phoenix, and a new code-name has been used for these reshoots.

So, we now know Linda Hamilton and Natalia Reyes were not at this location and could be added in later (if these scenes actually appear in the movie). We presume we are in the United States in these scenes (in story), there is no Grace or T-800 (if you have read the leaks you’ll know why they might not be in this scene) and Dani Ramos is driving the Jeep.
Is this now suggestive that she [Dani], is in the driver’s seat of the franchise in the same way that Linda was in the first movie… ? Is this part of the ending of Terminator: Dark Fate? Where are Sarah Connor and Dani going and who are they going to meet? Edward Furlong’s John Connor… ?

Gabriel Luna also recently posted a picture of himself in his mo-cap (motion capture) suit in a response to Mark Ruffalo sharing a picture of himself in mo-cap on social media.

It was not stated if this was an old photo, or one from the reshoots but we did see the lower half of the mo-cap suit a long while ago whilst the film was shooting.

Gabriel Luna Terminator: Dark Fate Mo-Cap Suit

Regardless of how fans feel about Dark Fate; it still has many questions keeping a good number of hardcore fans wondering how this story/movie will play out, while many of us are on the fence reserving judgment – or simply outraged by the leaks, hopefully Comic Con can turn things around and present fans with some new footage that gets us pumped to see the movie.


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all hope is lost – theres no reshoot of jc scene


it smells like the predator

Juan Canino
Juan Canino

Look closely they are not Linda Hamilton and neither Natalia.


I said before that I’m all for female leader, but in a barbaric post-apocalypse world, her obstacle would be mostly from human/male side, thus a more convincing backstory would be needed.
She can be some kind of “last resistance leader,” it might work better.
If Legion is indeed Skynet reincarnated with previous memory, it might know sending Terminators back doesn’t help much this time. Its chrono-tactic backstory need some working.

“Dani’s Soldier” hunting down presumed “terrorist” Sarah Connor
Hmm…resistance in new timeline has no knowledge from previous timeline, can be interesting.
“The Jedi…the Force…they are real, all of them”

John C.
John C.

Gross. More green/blue screen crap. If I wanted to watch a video game, I would. Or I would just play the damn game. Film is a lost art. The overuse of green screen technology just kills a movie for me. My brain can tell that nothing is really there. Did you know that it costs more to do a green screen scene when you include the actual computer work and human work necessary to finish the scene than it would to shoot someplace cheap?

Rob Leeming
Rob Leeming

If the Sarah Connor /ramos characters are driving up a random street, could that be to meet John Connor in hiding?

Michael Edwards
Michael Edwards

That location for the reshoot with Sarah and and Dani looks very reminiscent of the scene and location when the T800 mistakenly Kills Sarah connor in her home from the first Terminator.


Sometimes I can agree with “Blue/Green screen sucks!” But isn’t it too harsh as it’s PICK UP/RESHOOT we are talkin’ bout!?