Crystal Peak – A Terminator Future War Fan Film

By: On August 13th, 2020

In this fan film continuation of Terminator Salvation we see the inclusion of plenty of ‘John Rambo’ style blood, action and death, that most fans would like to see from the franchise.
We found the fan film enjoyable and it was nice to see some much needed carnage instead of simply throwing people around, and, well… not doing much actual terminating.

Crystal Peak - A Terminator Future War Fan Film

Writer and Director Matthew Lee Blackburn told

The idea to make a Terminator fan film set during the future war had been something I wanted to do for a few years, between producing other shorts. The problem was realizing the huge ambition with the limited means available.
Our plan: To make an uncompromisingly action-packed future war story that answers how Connor got his hands on a T-800 chip to reprogram.

I wanted to see an unstoppable Terminator. The whole movie builds up to a sustained mini-gun massacre that, for us, reinforces what a Terminator should be (like the police station scene in the first movie) – if it gets its hands on you, you die. Necks get snapped! It doesn’t hold you against a wall for study or throw you across the room so that there’s time to run away.
Terminators terminate, and we wanted to show how hard just one of them is to stop.

A lot of the creative decisions came out of making the most of what we already had to work with (locations, props, costumes, and people), but we’re all happy with the finished movie. It scratches a future war carnage itch that the last few official Terminators didn’t quite do for us.

Set after T3 and Salvation, a group of soldiers spread out to protect an important resistance base from the incoming threat of machines. Flying HK, T-1, and T-700’s all distract them from the new T-800 infiltrator, who the resistance finds they are ill prepared for, as they defend Crystal Peak.

Matthew Lee Blackburn

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William O. Nájera
William O. Nájera
1 year ago

Great job! I’m working on my own Terminator 2 fan sequel and I must say it’s a lot of work trying to catch the atmosphere of the First two films, but we (the Terminator true fans) can at least draw what we feel must be a true sequel… Or a good Terminator movie, sequel or not! I think what we all agree is that a Terminator kills, period! It’s the meanest, more menacing killing machine ever!

the DK rises
the DK rises
1 year ago

Well done! More good Terminator moments than the last big budget intallment had.