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Will Linda Hamilton Return to The Terminator franchise?

After turning down Terminator 3 (due to a weak script – the right choice), Linda Hamilton was written out of the franchise, however,- Terminator 3 and subsequent sequels have failed to set themselves in stone in Terminator history; especially with the original creative team being absent after Terminator 2.

Linda Hamilton is Sarah Connor

20th Century Fox plan to do an Alien requel which will be a sequel to James Cameron’s Aliens (ignoring Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection) the door is now open to bring back #TheRealSarahConnor and we totally welcome a true sequel to Terminator 2: Judgment Day, something which has yet to be done and who better to lead fans towards the light than the mother of the future?

Terminator 6

According to a source close to the production of Terminator Genisys the plan was to bring Linda Hamilton back as a cameo to fit into the Terminator Genisys trilogy, we would’ve hated to see this kind of thing happen and want to forget Terminator Genisys altogether… the majority spoke, this is not the Terminator we know and love and it is not wanted or needed. Due to the lack of popularity of Terminator Genisys and Requels becoming a new hot trend in Hollywood (Alien, Indiana Jones and more to follow) the return of Linda Hamilton is the logical step in getting back on track the canon story we care about.

Sarah Connor is the central character to the Terminator franchise and without Linda Hamilton’s involvement; the franchise has become known as a “dead horse”. We believe that Linda Hamilton can get this dead horse back on its feet.

On your feet soldier!

Exclusive: Is Linda Hamilton Set to Return to Terminator Franchise in Requel?

Terminator 2 T-1000 Art Mask

Linda Hamilton was initially lined up to star in Terminator 5 and 6 but Skydance Media wanted to do a PG-13 reboot and the hardcore fanbase was ignored opting the resurrect the ‘character’ by resetting and overwriting the movies we cared about (T1/T2). The boots of Linda Hamilton were not filled in the slightest.

Exclusive: Linda Hamilton Originally Intended to be in Terminator 5 and 6

Upcoming Movies:

Curvature (Movie) – a science fiction thriller.

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The Sunday Horse (Mrs. Walden)

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Defiance (2014) 3 Episodes

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Linda Hamilton

Unfortunately Linda doesn’t have an official website or social network account. There are numerous unofficial fan sites worth checking out though and worth searching out. As soon as we have something official for Linda we will post it right here!

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4 years ago

Good day. My name is Sacha. I have a question. I am from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. There is a Comiccon every July in that city. Is Mrs Hamilton planning to be in Montreal in the future. Thank you.

5 months ago

I’d like to post a pic of me replicating her from terminator 2

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