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AC WORLDWIDE ‘THE TERMINATOR’ Endoskeleton Skull Speaker Coming Soon!

By: On October 13th, 2017 Exclusively told you AC WORLDWIDE and THE TERMINATOR Endoskeleton Skull Speaker would be back last month! While the Endosksleton Skull Speaker failed to fund on Kickstarter you just can’t stop a Terminator from rising from the ashes…

AC WORLDWIDE Tells in a new update:

ACW will be releasing an Endoskeleton speaker, full features to be confirmed but it’s expected to not have the camera but still have Amazon Alexa and will have some tweaks and changes. Full details, cost and how fans can pre-order will be coming within the next few weeks.

The following photos were taken this week at the Hong Kong Consumer Electronics Show and as stated the final version will have some tweaks. China is already being introduced to the prospective The Terminator speaker product.

We are very happy to see AC Worldwide making a return with The Terminator and the fans who pledged to the Kickstarter will have the opportunity they wanted to own this speaker. How Awesome and how damn cool is that?

AC Worldwide Official Website

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