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Exclusive: Naked Arnold in Terminator Genisys to Lose His Sex

By: On February 23rd, 2015

In the original Terminator movie Arnold Schwarzenegger’s manhood used to be air-brushed out… when the movie was released on an ultimate edition, years ago- they went back to original stock film to remaster the movie and they did not air brush the Governator’s penis which can be clearly seen thwacking around as he walked towards the punks (even only for a brief moment).

In Terminator 2 Judgment Day Arnold walked into a biker bar and women noticed his ‘package’ which seemed to make them groan or make a noise of pleasure at the sight of the T-800s ‘weapon’.

In T3 women went wild at the sight of a naked Schwarzenegger being dominatrix to a stripper in a motocycle bar…

In Terminator Genisys the future has changed and the current plan for Genisys is that we will see a full frontal nudity Arnold Schwarzenegger…

… but he will look like this…

Terminator Genisys Nude

The above image is an artistic representation by us of what you could well witness in Genisys (providing this article doesn’t change the direction of production). We don’t consider this as a leak; this is info hardcore fans will appreciate to know, to prepare themselves for what they will witness and again, provide more of a firm idea of what you are going to go see at the theaters in July.

‘The Terminator’ has been castrated folks! He will now resemble a ‘Ken Doll’ (Barbie’s boyfriend). A source close to the production notified us of scenes and current plans for the Schwarzenegger Vs Schwarzenegger fight.

This is a bold daring move for Skydance… oh how different the previous movies would have turned out if this was the case… most likely with people saying this man doesn’t have a penis? Without clothes the infiltrator would be useless and a target for mockery.

T-800 Terminator Genisys Naked

The stunt double was used for the fight and apparently there was a notable height difference in fight scenes as Schwarzenegger is taller than his younger 1984 look stunt-double. Back-shots of the stunt-double will be retained while all frontal shots could well be 100% CGI Arnold with the above ‘Ken doll’ crotch.

Terminator Genisys Naked Arnold 1984

The young Schwarzenegger stunt-double wore a c*ck sock (material worn on his genitals) for filming scenes, obviously the ‘offending article’ will be removed with CGI magic for the movie.

This also now means, in all logical terms; that naked Arnold Schwarzenegger figures may be possible for sale to children in the near future! So for the many fans that would be interested in a nude Terminator figure- your dreams are likely to happen if this comes to pass! Which is quite possibly one of the only positives to take away from this change.

Now maybe Resistance HQ just gets people to drop their pants before being allowed into underground safe zones…

We have seen digital Schwarzenegger effects and the early stage work does look good in terms of a likeness to Arnold, young and the older Guardian character.

We didn’t want to see genitals in a Terminator movie anyway, but is this right for the mythos?

If Terminator Genisys is to be aimed at children then I suggest the studios go all the way with it, make lots of toys, give us Terminator Genisys The Animated Series. That could be interesting to the history of the franchise and make it more remembered than other installments. Terminator Salvation sat on the fence… maybe Genisys should just jump right off the fence and take it to the limit.

We would definitely watch a cartoon Arnold (obviously voiced by Arnold himself) take on the machines in nice mini stories and adventures with Emilia Clarke and Jai Courtney. If you want to really connect with the young ones then that is the way to do it! Beetlejuice had an animated series and that went down pretty well in the past so why the fuck not?

Will his butt cheeks also be fused together…? You will have to watch Terminator Genisys at a theater this July to find out ; )

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