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Exclusive: Leaked Terminator Genisys Script Review and Arnold Genisys Sequel Cliffhanger

By: On February 24th, 2015

This story is as spoiler free as possible!

Yesterday we received a copy of what is claimed to be the Terminator Genisys (script). I read it all in one go.

What can I tell you… do I think this script is real? Yes! But it could be an early draft. It feels legitimate as it has all the key things we know are in it… this script also contains a lot of stuff we have predicted or guessed.

The script seems fast-paced and I would best describe it as a very visual script, in terms of how descriptively the action scenes are written. The new Terminator villain will be extremely advanced and is more of an evolutionary step upwards from the T-1000 than the T-X was.

Terminator Genisys ScriptFan Art by Icaram Ba

One concern is that the Guardian (Arnold Schwarzenegger) seems to say “Nice to see you” and things of a similar nature a lot, as well as smiling at people for comedy effect. Comedy makes a big return. The script is far more comical than Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, which we didn’t think was even possible at this stage in the evolution of the franchise.

Arnold is continuously referred to as ‘Pops’. Let’s just say; Terminator Genisys could touch our hearts or make us angry. If this is Patrick Lussier and Laeta Kalogridis’ world building… then I’d rather they went building somewhere else… Minecraft perhaps?.
The writing is comic-book in nature and regularly you will see stupid dialogue in the script like KACTHUNK POW KERCHING! to signify bullet hits and reloading weapons etc… it’s just really, well, childish and almost like they weren’t taking the source material seriously enough.

Don’t write below par stories and expect to be praised as writers.

I didn’t feel immersed by the script but instead alienated as a fan… I feel sorry for Alan Taylor, he didn’t have much to work with and if Genisys is a surprise hit, then we need to give him some credit…

IF the final movie is this script frame by frame; I don’t have high hopes but we all know edits take place. I did face palm and slam my head down on my desk and had to recalibrate before I could go back to reading.

There are definitely more Terminators which could be interesting. I’d say you are also going to get more Endoskeleton action than ever!

The direction of Clarke’s John Connor will surely be interesting and I look forward to his performance.

Terminator Genisys John Connor

Manly Movie also negatively reviewed a script leak and it sounds like we have the same copy of the script because Jai Courtney does play a big role. I can’t say I found the script overwhelming but this will be more of a visual style of movie than previously experienced in the franchise. This is how I feel, if the effects are done right the movie could possibly win awards on upping effects like the T-1000 did for T2 Judgment Day.

We could talk about the whole plot but we already predicted much of this script before even reading it and as always we don’t want to spoil the movie for you.

One thing we think we can tell you is that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back, as the way the script is engineered his slot is secure to “be back” with other characters whether that be as a human/T-800 or Guardian we will have to let you find out for yourself. Let’s just say his character will move in a direction once planned for Arnold in a past Terminator movie but it didn’t happen for whatever reason. Possibly the right reason… ?

Genisys is just a taster, it sets up the characters, introduces us to the new timeline while still effectively leaving the first movie untouched, The Terminator (1984) did happen and is left untouched in our hearts.

Sometimes the level of cheese in the script is a worry. Oh, and the punks do survive as we exclusively reported- but it should be crazy to watch and the script does use the words… “Fuck you asshole”. Though swearing in the rest of the movie is minimal.

The movie ends requiring a continuation which should get you geared up for a sequel.

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