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EXCLUSIVE: Aaron Williamson Cast as Terminator Statement

By: On April 22nd, 2014

Terminator Fan- Glower Paul contacted us yesterday with some interesting news he came across on the web. Aaron Williamson was on the internet yesterday (posting from New Orleans) yes this is the day Terminator: Genesis started filming and an officially listed shoot location. In his post he was notifying friends and family of his newly acquired role as a T-800. This then leaked through social media unintentional to Aaron Williamson.

Aaron Williamson T-800 Genesis

The leaked post going around the internet:

“Thanks to an amazing team of people who help me get better each week, both physically & creatively, I’ll be playing a T-800 (Terminator) in the upcoming production ‘Terminator: Genesis’. I’m extremely grateful & motivated as this new chapter begins to take shape.”

Now at first you could think he’s playing a T-800 that can’t be right because T-800’s all look like Arnold Schwarzenegger right? but Arnold did report that there would be a young T-800 in the movie, we also know the time periods of 1984, 2017 and a later future war date (2027-2029?) will also appear in the movie and something else you need to remember a T-800 can have any skin map so if this isn’t a digital face replace role for Aaron then he could be a CSM-100, CSM-102 or any goddamn number the writers want to create.

Aaron Williamson and Dwayne Johnson

Aaron with Dwayne Johnson while working on Skydance’s “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” as the Fitness Trainer to the cast.

We decided to contact Aaron and like a fine gentleman he responded to us, we questioned if he would play a young T-800 or a standalone T-800 with a different tissue type/face and he was unable to disclose any information due to obligations with the studio, this is however what he had to say.

He was pretty shocked that the news had got around the internet so quickly, his Social Network Account was his way of keeping touch with friends and family that he hasn’t seen for years and was a personal post to his family and friends this message obviously got seen by a fan/media and then quickly leaked around the net. He seems like a very humble sort of guy and this news leak was obviously far from intentional. We did ask him if he would be playing a young Arnold Schwarzenegger but he didn’t give us any information as he is obviously professional and in total respect of the studio.

Aaron Williamson’s statement to regarding his role as a T-800:

“I’m not really at liberty to discuss anything w/ regard to this part. My social media followers have been following my journey since I returned to the states from Iraq, which is why I shared that photo; my desire to overcome adversity has really moved people. Where I’m at in my life right now is destiny & it’s truly a blessing. I grew up as a skinny kid watching the original Terminator & was fascinated by Arnold which is the man who inspired my career in fitness. To be a part of this production is a dream come true & a very special moment for me.”

Aaron Williamson Young T-800

Aaron posted this picture to his friends and family.

So we believe that Aaron Williamson will play a T-800,- will he be the young version that will age into modern day Arnold over the course of years or they will play separate entities… but we have been promised more than one T-800 in these movies.

Is this the young T-800 Vs old T-800 showdown?

This could mean that once again we will be getting a CGI head Schwarzenegger much like we saw in Terminator Salvation, the actor used in Salvation was Roland Kickinger and the they digitally placed a younger Arnold Schwarzenegger’s likeness over his face or Aaron will play a different CSM (Cyberdyne Systems Model) this would determine a different physical appearance but the same Endoskeleton inside the human exterior.

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