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Young T-800

Brett Azar Teases Mackenzie Davis’ Role in Terminator 6

Young CG Terminator body double Brett Azar has seemingly confirmed that Mackenzie Davis’ character of ‘Grace’ is not entirely 100% human in the new Terminator… » » »


Terminator (2019) Young CGI T-800 Confirmation and Another Sarah Connor Sighting

We have previously reported that Brett Azar would be in the new Terminator movie and that he spent the start of May’s filming with Linda… » » »


EXCLUSIVE: Young Schwarzenegger T-800 or Human Character Confirmed for Terminator (2019)

We know that Arnold Schwarzenegger will play an Aged Terminator Unit in Terminator (2019) AKA Terminator 6, but recently we broke the news that Brett… » » »


Scoop: Brett Azar Offered Role For Terminator (2019)

Brett Azar has been sent an offer to be part of the next Terminator movie directed by Tim Miller. It is unknown if Mr. Azar… » » »


EXCLUSIVE: Aaron Williamson Cast as Terminator Statement

Terminator Fan- Glower Paul contacted us yesterday with some interesting news he came across on the web. Aaron Williamson was on the internet yesterday (posting… » » »