Terminator Quadrilogy Blu-Ray Box Set Review

Terminator Quadrilogy Review

Terminator Quadrilogy Blu-ray Box Set is available in the UK but works in regions A B and C= Region free! We’ve had the the double/duo, the trilogy, the Anthology; now the Quadrilogy is here again on Blu-Ray upgraded from DVD… The release is a basic and easy way to own the first four Terminator… » » »

30 Years of Termination

Terminator T-800

This was the day back in 1984 when ‘The Terminator’ was unleashed on the public for the first time. The film was made for a budget of roughly 6 million dollars and made lot’s of juicy profit for the studios. However the true success of the movie would come in the form of the… » » »

Fan Report: ArcLight Presents Special T2 Screening with Intro by Robert Patrick

ArcLight Presents T2 Patrick

On April 28th of this year, ‘ArcLight Presents’ hosted a showing of Terminator 2: Judgment Day with a special intro by the T-1000 himself… Robert Patrick. They allowed fans to buy cinema tickets at a reasonable price to watch the movie but the event was extra special due the fact Robert Patrick was there… » » »

Exclusive: Brad Fiedel – No Return For New Terminator Trilogy?

Brad Fiedel Terminator Genesis

Brad Fiedel is a legend in his own right; the first two Terminator movies had incredibly distinct scores done by Mr Fiedel. The synth style of music distinguished and set apart a terminator movie from other movies, it was the mechanical sound of data and dark technology screeching before your ears with  catchy bass… » » »

ArcLight Presents Special T2 Screening with Intro by Robert Patrick

T-800 Vs T-1000

Terminator 2: Judgment Day is a favorite Terminator movie among fans. Besides its legacy in the Terminator series, it is one of the very rare instances of the sequel out doing the original. It introduces us to the T-1000 which was an achievement in special effects while also being one of the best Terminators… » » »

Interview With Legendary Terminator Stuntman Peter Kent

Peter Kent with Arnold and Jim on Terminator 2 Set

Peter Kent is quite simply a legend… he was the T-800 in the first two Terminator movies and T2:3D (The Ride) he did scenes that were deemed too dangerous for Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was Arnold’s stunt double on 14 Schwarzenegger movies spanning over 13 years. Total Recall, Twins, Predator, Commando… he did them all…. » » »

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