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Terminator 2 3D International and Asia Posters

Terminator 2 3D DMG International Poster

Well, these posters slipped past our intense scrutiny… the posters were released and updated to announcement posts on DMG’s official website on Dec 16th 2015; the day after the initial official announcements by DMG/STUDIOCANAL and Jim Cameron reported on Dec 15th 2015 on THR. First up the international Poster… The poster is a pale imitation of… » » »

James Cameron Producing Terminator 2 3D for 2016 Worldwide Release

Terminator 2 3D Theaters 2016

WARNING: THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS FLASHING IMAGES The rumblings and talk of a 3D conversion of Terminator 2: Judgment Day resurfaced back in 2014 and fans worldwide have wanted it to happen, but now due to the demand for Terminator in Asia it’s happening (according to THR ) but this also comes with some concerns… » » »

Terminator Quadrilogy Blu-Ray Box Set Review

Terminator Quadrilogy Review

Terminator Quadrilogy Blu-ray Box Set is available in the UK but works in regions A B and C= Region free! We’ve had the the double/duo, the trilogy, the Anthology; now the Quadrilogy is here again on Blu-Ray upgraded from DVD… The release is a basic and easy way to own the first four Terminator… » » »

30 Years of Termination

Terminator T-800

This was the day back in 1984 when ‘The Terminator’ was unleashed on the public for the first time. The film was made for a budget of roughly 6 million dollars and made lot’s of juicy profit for the studios. However the true success of the movie would come in the form of the… » » »

Fan Report: ArcLight Presents Special T2 Screening with Intro by Robert Patrick

ArcLight Presents T2 Patrick

On April 28th of this year, ‘ArcLight Presents’ hosted a showing of Terminator 2: Judgment Day with a special intro by the T-1000 himself… Robert Patrick. They allowed fans to buy cinema tickets at a reasonable price to watch the movie but the event was extra special due the fact Robert Patrick was there… » » »

Exclusive: Brad Fiedel – No Return For New Terminator Trilogy?

Brad Fiedel Terminator Genesis

Brad Fiedel is a legend in his own right; the first two Terminator movies had incredibly distinct scores done by Mr Fiedel. The synth style of music distinguished and set apart a terminator movie from other movies, it was the mechanical sound of data and dark technology screeching before your ears with  catchy bass… » » »

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