Terminator: Genisys (2015) Fan Art


Fans have been sending us their Terminator: Genisys fan posters and artwork depicting new actors in their roles and of course Arnold as The Terminator. We have also done some fan art too so we have put a few of ours in there to get the ball rolling. We will continue to add images to this section as long as the fans continue to share their work with us. So check back for more T:G Fan Art in the lead up to the movies release!

Do you have some Terminator: Genisys Fan Art? It may appear on this page! Share your images with us on Twitter and Facebook. If you created an image please state so when posting.

Feel free to use the logo we created below to stamp onto your Terminator: Genisys Fan Art and post it to us! If you wish to send us a high-res version please provide links to the file location in your post.

Terminator Genesis (2015)UPDATE:

The official logo is now available for photo-shoppers!

Terminator Genisys Logo


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Terminator Genisys Logo
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