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Terminator Staff


A person with mixed emotions for the Terminator franchise, tired of one liners and PG-13 shit. Hopes to see at least one more good Terminator movie one day.

Fav terminator movie: It used to be Terminator 2 but T1 more as an adult.

Terminator Fan since: 1992


A somewhat jaded movie lover with low expectations for the future of cinema. There’s no such thing as a classic anymore.

Favorite Terminator movie: T1 for story and T2 for Linda Hamilton.

Terminator Fan since: 1988


Contributer & Forum Moderator:

jashykins is a blogger who focuses on movies, books, and tv shows. She is also a Terminator fan.

Fav terminator movie: Terminator Salvation
Fav TSCC episode: The whole damn series but just one…Samson and Delilah

Terminator Fan Since: 2007