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James Cameron to Oversee Terminator 6 with Deadpool Director Tim Miller

Well, David Ellison (Skydance Productions) had something planned and this just might be worth forgiving Skydance Productions; for our least favorite (not favorite at all) Terminator movie Terminator Genisys. It appears Terminator Rights owner David Ellison might be starting to listen to our demands for a R Rated Terminator 2 Sequel/Requel (ignoring T3: ROTM… » » »


Exclusive: Michael Biehn as TERMINATOR Kyle Reese Debunked

A Terminator Fan by the name of John Smith made us aware of a unique image of Michael Biehn (the one and only Kyle Reese) in what is claimed by Orion Pictures to be Michael Biehn as TERMINATOR. Now, all kinds of thoughts started to race through our minds ranging from possible deleted scenes for… » » »


EXCLUSIVE: Original Replicant to Return in Blade Runner 2049 as CGI

Blade Runner 2049 has more going for it than most movies. Firstly it is a direct sequel to the original and it has the original movies writer (Hampton Fancher) involved… oh and it’s Rated R! Denis Villeneuve (Sicario) will direct and judging the the recent trailer and with the retro 80s music to boot-… » » »


Schwarzenegger Talks The Terminator, O.J. Simpson and Westworld

Arnold sat down for an IN DEPTH chat with Graham Bensinger about his life and also talked about The Terminator while in Hong Kong; we presume Arnold was there promoting T2: 3D and global warming initiatives with the Chinese government to get Chinese citizens to quit meat or at least commit to eat less meat. Arnold has… » » »


NECA CINEMACHINES Die-Cast Terminator 2 Aerial and Ground HK Units

These collectibles were meant to be released a while back but it seemed like a tactical decision to delay the release to be closer to the release of Terminator 2: 3D, which of course makes total sense. Official NECA CINEMACHINES product line description: Celebrate some of the most iconic vehicles from film and television… » » »


Exclusive: Brad Fiedel Interested in Return for TERMINATOR: LIVE

James Cameron is having continued success with screenings of his movies in London England at the Royal Albert Hall; Avex Classics International have been putting on fantastic events beginning with Titanic Live and followed by Aliens Live, so of course being Terminator Fans- intellectual fanboy wheels started turning for The Terminator Live and T2… » » »


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