James Cameron Producing Terminator 2 3D for 2016 Worldwide Release

Terminator 2 3D Theaters 2016

WARNING: THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS FLASHING IMAGES The rumblings and talk of a 3D conversion of Terminator 2: Judgment Day resurfaced back in 2014 and fans worldwide have wanted it to happen, but now due to the demand for Terminator in Asia it’s happening (according to THR ) but this also comes with some concerns… » » »

Exclusive: HEMDALE HOME VIDEO INC. The Terminator Leather Jacket Promo

The Terminator 1984 Hemdale

Time again to go back in time to check out this awesome image of a mini-leather jacket used for promotion of Hemdale Home Video releases. Much like the marketing of today; incentives/opportunities would be given to VHS Rental/Sale stores. If they sold enough copies of ‘Prime Target’ they would have the chance to own… » » »

Exclusive: Michael Biehn Sets Record Straight On Alien 5 Speculation

Alien 5 Michael Biehn

Alien 5 news is hot and even though the movie has apparently been shelved (for now at least) it remains to be a fan favorite that movie-goers want to be a reality- but those pesky studio executives sure know how to dangle carrots and they sure do dangle them damn well. A recent interview… » » »

The Terminator Cyberdyne Systems T-800 One Ounce Silver Proof Review

The Terminator Coin Collectible

The Terminator Cyberdyne Systems T-800 One Ounce Silver Proof is a special product to us, not only because it is one badass metal motherf*cker (one that you won’t want to smash into junk) but that it is also dedicated to the legendary Hollywood movie producer John Daly. John Daly was responsible for greenlighting Terminator… » » »

Exclusive: The Terminator Cyberdyne Systems T-800 One Ounce Silver Proof Announcement

Endoskeleton T-800 The Terminator Coin Collectible

The following announcement by Stardust Silver is intended for our users located in the United States: This limited edition, numbered, reverse proof, one ounce fine silver, commemorative coin for The Terminator looks worthy of the fans but also does justice to the first and most iconic Terminator movie. Not only is this a special… » » »

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