Scoop: Arnold Talks Terminator, Matt Smith, Cameron, Predator, Conan, Running Man and more

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold appeared at ‘An Evening with Arnold Schwarzenegger’ in Leeds UK. Sadly we were unable to attend but we had 2 correspondents/reporters to keep an eye on things for us. This was a chance for ticket buyers to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger and to enjoy a three course meal in the stunning venue the Organizers… » » »

Terminator: Genisys First Official Movie Image and Promo Images

Schwarzenegger Terminator Genisys T-800

Entertainment Weekly will have new Terminator: Genisys content to tease you. Let’s take a look at the images… Spoiler/Confirmed Possible Predictions by This is technically the first proper still from Terminator: Genisys. In this scene Arnold Schwarzenegger has not aged. He will save Sarah Connor as a 9 year old after her parents… » » »

Entertainment Weekly; Terminator: Genisys Magazine Collector Covers

Terminator: Genisys

After seeing Entertainment Weekly’s Terminator: Genisys magazine covers teasing an upcoming set report on the movie; I was left in disbelief and actually raised my hand to my face and left it there for say a minute in a state of pure shock of what I was viewing. Terminator Salvation had better magazine covers… » » »

J.K. Simmons; Terminator: Genisys is a Love Story

J.K. Simmons Terminator: Genisys

Now, the last time J.K. Simmons discussed Terminator: Genisys it was worrying as he mentioned comedy and actually burst out laughing just thinking about one of the scenes he was involved with. Fans really don’t want comedy in these movies. J.K. talks some more about the project which got the scoop on: “It’s… » » »

Licensing Expo Reveals Final Terminator Reboot Title?


The fifth Terminator movie has had many titles and concepts. The name obviously started with Terminator 5, a hoped for sequel to the beloved franchise. Warner Brothers entered the bidding wars to try and make a sequel to Salvation; they lost the auction and the rights to the highest bidder (Megan Ellison) making sure… » » »

Terminator: Genesis- What Next?

Terminator Genesis PG-13

In recent months I have been quietly gathering my thoughts on the direction that the new Terminator (Terminator: Vista/Terminator/Terminator: Genesis) movie is taking, it’s become a difficult subject for me to fully articulate my views of… The Terminator franchise played a big part in my movie-watching adolescence; it became one part of an amazing… » » »

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