The Night Visitor (2013) Review

The Night Visitor Michael Biehn

Now, I ‘m not a big ‘found footage’ person. I’m more than a little selective of the ones I choose to watch and which ones I consider good. A lot of the time found footage movies (think Paranormal Activities and The Blair Witch Project) have the problem of dragging on for far too long… » » »

Happy Birthday DN38416

DN38416 Kyle Reese

Happy 58th Birthday to badass Michael Biehn, the original (and best) Kyle Reese. Fans always wanted a future war movie with Michael as lead on his mission to travel back to 1984 to save Sarah Connor. This movie never happened. The new reboot replaces all the major cast with younger actors. Something that has… » » »

Fembot By Blanc/Biehn Productions Announced


One of Michael Biehn’s most iconic roles is in The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day as Kyle Reese. Kyle is Sarah Connor’s protector from the deadly Terminator. Whenever I see Mr. Biehn now I think of this character. However, that has been his last robot movie… until Fembot got the green light. Biehn… » » »

Michael Biehn Will Not be Back in Terminator (2015) EXCLUSIVE

Michael Biehn Terminator (2015)

Fans had been anticipating the return of other key cast members in the next Terminator movie. The studio has seemingly opted for a full on reboot of the franchise, meaning the continuation fans had long dreamed of won’t be happening. We have all seen the recent casting rumors which have been confirmed but there… » » »

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