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Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D Official Worldwide Release Dates

Here are the official dates for T23D courtesy of STUDIOCANAL!   THEATRICAL RELEASE DATES ARE SET FOR TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY 3D STUDIOCANAL and DMG ENTERTAINMENT are glad to announce the theatrical release dates for James Cameron’s TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY 3D: AUGUST 24 2017 – Australia AUGUST 25 2017 – UK AUGUST 25… » » »


Exclusive: Mongrel Media to Release Terminator 2 3D in CANADA!

Some Canadian fans have been reaching out to us in worry that T2: 3D would not be hitting theaters in Canada… have some very good news direct from Mongrel Media! Mongrel Media responded to with the following: We will be releasing the T2 3D 4k version on Blu-ray in Canada. Screenings are still… » » »


Watch James Cameron T2: Judgment Day 3D Premiere Live Stream Q & A

James Cameron was streaming LIVE on Facebook earlier today;- answering questions from Fans on and audience goers at The Berlin Film Festival Premiere of Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D. Jim answered questions about the 3D release of T2 and was asked about Terminator 6. We managed to have a couple of questions answered by… » » »


Terminator 2 3D Will be Released in UK Cinemas on August 25th 2017

A UK date is now officially confirmed by STUDIOCANAL UK! He’ll be back. We’re thrilled to announce that James Cameron’s #T23D will be released in UK cinemas on August 25th. — STUDIOCANALUK (@StudiocanalUK) February 17, 2017 August 25th 2017 is the day UK fans can watch T23D! For more release info regarding US… » » »


Terminator 2 3D to Only Release in US, UK, France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand?

It appears that Jim Cameron will attend the Berlin Film Festival (Berlinale) to do the Facebook Live stream Q and A with audience goers and fans. It is unknown if any other stars will attend but STUDIOCANAL told that no talent would be attending. It could just be a secretive way of building buzz and… » » »


Terminator 2 Vs Terminator 2: 3D Side by Side Comparison

We had some official images released recently for Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D and instantly we can see without doubt there is an improvement to the quality of the remaster which cannot be denied! Fellow Terminator fan Marcuseus put together some nice comparison images for us to share with you; comparing home release editions… » » »


Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D Facebook Live Fan Q&A with James Cameron

If you can’t attend the premiere of Terminator 2: 3D on the 17th of February 2017 in Berlin then… “No problemo” because Facebook will be the place to watch James Cameron having a Live Q&A session with fans on Facebook Live! Definitely the next best thing! The official Terminator 2 Facebook page posted the following:… » » »


Terminator 2: 3D German Poster and Release Date

Terminator Fans in Germany will have a chance to catch the premiere of Terminator 2: 3D on the 17th of Febraury and on the 19th… for those that miss that opportunity; August 29th 2017 will be the official German release date for screenings of the movie (August 29th 1997 being the original date of… » » »


Our Casting Choice For General John Connor in Terminator 6

It is no secret that we want the next Terminator movie to be a sequel to Terminator 2: Judgment Day; something we have been vocal about for a while now. Some time ago we began developing ideas for a Terminator 5 movie that we wanted to see and then subsequently- when Terminator Genisys failed… » » »


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