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Terminator 2: Judgment Day NECA T-800 1/4 Scale Action Figure

The recently teased 1/4 Scale T-800 figure; is now available for pre-order at selected retailers. While the figure is set to retail to coincide around the release of Terminator 2: 3D it may just have the standard Terminator 2: Judgment Day packaging- as no reference to T2: 3D has been made in the official… » » »


Terminator 2: 3D T-800 Quarter Scale Figure Teased by NECA

NECA not that long ago revealed one of their upcoming Terminator 2: 3D T-800 collectibles and now tease a new figure on their hashtag #T2sday AKA T2 Tuesday. It’s a quarter to noon on #t2sday the perfect time to show you something new coming this Spring #Terminator #t2 #t23D — NECA (@NECA_TOYS) January 24, 2017… » » »


Sideshow Collectibles Announce T2 T-800 Endoskeleton Terminator Maquette

Sideshow Collectibles have teased a new T-800 collectible attached to the Terminator 2: Judgment Day (T2) license with STUDIOCANAL. Sideshow Collectibles: “Terminator fans will be excited to hear that a brand new collectible is coming soon!  The T-800 Endoskeleton Terminator Maquetter from Terminator 2: Judgement Day is being assembled now for a future Pre-Order,… » » »


ENTERBAY 1/4 Scale HD Masterpiece T-1000 Preview

ENTERBAY tease fans for a second time with news of the upcoming T-1000 1/4 Scale HD Masterpiece figure. The figure promises to have the best Robert Patrick likeness EVER! Robert Patrick is as always a fan favorite to return in the 5th Terminator movie. The 1984 T-800 is a famous cop killer… The T-1000… » » »


SDCC New Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys Releases

The Sideshow Collectibles/ Hot Toys booth at San Diego Comic Con this year had some T1/T2 offerings. One of the following images to us looks like a possible statue by none other than Sideshow themselves! also took the following images of the Terminator Collectibles on display on Thursday July 18th 2013. Obviously we can… » » »


ENTERBAY 1/4 Scale HD Masterpiece T-1000

HD Masterpiece 1/4 Scale T-1000 is coming and promises to be the best likeness of T-1000 (Robert Patrick) ever!


ENTERBAY HD Masterpiece T-800 (Battle Damaged Edition)

1/4 Scale Action Figure Product Code: HD-1013 Manufactured by: ENTERBAY Price: $375 Product Status: PRE-ORDER Release: Feb 2013 Product Summary: ENTERBAY is proud to present the T-800 (Battle Damaged Edition) HD Masterpiece quarter scale figurine from the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day.  The T-800 collectible is created based on the battle damaged Arnold Schwarzenegger… » » »


Enterbay Bill releases another T-800 Battle Damage Teaser

Just yesterday we ran Enterbay Bill’s “final preview” of the new T-800 figure Enterbay are releasing on Christmas Eve. Just like the Terminator said in Terminator 3 “I lied” he released another teaser to the official Facebook profile for his company ENTERBAY.


ENTERBAY HD T-800 Battle Damage Update and FINAL Teaser Image

The original release date for the Enterbay HD T-800 {Battle Damaged Version} was meant to be the 21st of December. This has been pushed back to the 24th for the following reason: On Monday, 17th December 2012 ENTERBAY BILL posted to Facebook: Guys~ We had done some adjustment on the T2 Battle Damaged production… » » »


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