The Terminator Fans Unite to Get Hands for Alan

Hands For Alan Terminator Genisys

The Terminator franchise is built on possibilities; the possibility of change, of success, of freedom and of hope… “No fate but what we make for ourselves”- these words inspire us to believe that we have the power to change the course of our own lives. To change the future if we push hard enough…. » » »

Chiller Terminator Reunion 2014


The 30th Anniversary celebrations continue… How do you fancy meeting and having photos taken with your favorite Terminator cast members? October of this year provides an opportunity for some of our Terminator stars to get together again. From October 24-26 the Sheraton Parsippany Hotel in New Jersey will be host to a Chiller event… » » »

WIN Tickets to Watch ‘The Terminator’ Outside with ‘Pop Up Screens’

The Terminator Pop Up Screens

How do you fancy watching ‘The Terminator’ in the outdoors this Friday night? We have a pair of tickets (2) to give away to one of our users courtesy of Pop Up Screens. Winners will be watching ‘The Terminator (1984) on the big screen and outside and not only that but the movie will… » » »

WIN Tickets to Watch The Terminator (1984) at The Aero Theatre in LA

Punks The Terminator

We have a pair of tickets that must be claimed in the next few hours! This is your chance to watch the original Terminator movie on the big screen! The Aero Theatre is showing the movie on Friday 22nd February 2013 at 7:30pm EST All we need is your name and email and the… » » »

The Terminator (Blu-ray)

Terminator Blu-Ray

Come September we will have The Terminator on Blu-Ray. This is the standard edition but you can get yourself an exclusive Steelbook edition exclusive to which you can pre-order here. We are unsure of what these editions will offer… they could be a re-hash of the previous Blu-Ray editions seen before. No information… » » »

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