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Terminator: The Aging Process

By: On November 1st, 2012

So Terminator 5 is happening but one of the biggest problems or issues with the project is the aging of past actors and due to the fact that Jim Cameron never made a “complete trilogy” this has aided the problem.

So years go by, two shit sequels (accepted by some but not the majority) come along and further ruin the possibility of a fully rounded story, not to mention continuity…

Now people have a problem with “The Terminator” (Arnold Schwarzenegger) reprising the role of a machine due to his age. The general consensus is that it can’t be done and it’s ridiculous.
We yesterday revealed our tweet to Robert Patrick in which we asked him if he was “up for T5”, he responded by saying; “Sure”.
Arnold Schwarzenegger appears to be up for it too.

So just how can we bring back the T-800 and the T-1000 if the real life actors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Robert Patrick have aged along the way?

Here at we have held the answers for the last couple of years but were hoping to hold onto them and somehow get them to feature in the movie for some time. We worked on scenes, script ideas and we even wrote a manifesto and articles detailing how we can help save the franchsie with our ideas and also with fan opinions that have circulated since T2 and the scenes from T2 that were never implemented into a final theatrical piece.

How Terminators can age SchwarzeneggerArnold Schwarzenegger:

Arnold first portrayed the T-800 back in 1984 as the unstoppable Terminator sent back to Terminate Sarah Connor obviously in 28 years he has aged… who wouldn’t?

How can Arnold be the T-800 again?

“I’m a cybernetic organism, living tissue over a metal Endoskeleton”.

Well last time we checked our flesh it ages and even though SkyNet can master time travel, it could still have issues preserving eternal youth in living organisms, plus you gotta take into account that to SkyNet Terminator Units are disposable and come off a conveyor-belt with other units that are also being deployed into battle against the Resistance. It has no reason to preserve the youth of the flesh it puts on its machines. The aging of a unit’s flesh would be seen as a positive aspect to SkyNet… it would allow for differences between models which would make it harder for the humans to spot or distinguish.

If a T-800 came from an unknown point in time, was sent back in time (using the Time Displacement Equipment) then it would have…

“I have 150 years on my existing powercell”

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator would have 66 years on his existing powercell. A reasonable amount of years for a Rogue T-800 Unit sent by SkyNet on its most secret mission yet,- sent back to a pre-Judgment Day world to survive the war and to complete its mission in 2029. The story could have been suspended on a knife edge as to what the T-800 will do next, it would never tell you its mission and you would have to find out at the end of the movie what it was sent to do…

Alternatively Arnold could be somewhere on standby mode an idea touched upon in TSCC in which a Terminator stood in standby for years at a certain location for a certain reason. During this stationary standstill the aging process would take place.

How the T-1000 can come back in Terminator 5Robert Patrick T-1000:

Robert Patrick first appeared as the iconic T-1000 in 1991 in T2 Judgment Day, so Robert in the real world has now aged by 21 years and in our idea to bring the T-1000 back it would be an enhancement of our original “how to bring the T-1000 back” an article we ran way back.

Now for us to explain our idea we have build on the idea of “McG” (the much hated director of Terminator Salvation) he was originally meant to make two Terminator sequels but because he fucked up badly, his fifth Terminator will probably never come to light EVER but the one good idea he did have was bringing back Robert Patrick in Terminator 5- as a Scientist working for SkyNet.

Now taking that foundation we build up to our ideas that the Scientist is either forced or with his compliance dependent on what type of man they wanted the human character to be, good or bad. The Scientist could refuse to do what SkyNet asks but then his wife or child could be used as a tool to force his will…

On successfully creating the T-1000 Mimetic Poly Alloy SkyNet could reveal it was lying to him and killed his loved ones and in turn Robert would try to destroy his creation…
The prototype T-1000 (at this attempted destruction) gets the better of the scientist and kills him, taking the physical form of the present day Robert Patrick after all it can take the form of anything it samples by physical contact but only objects of equal size!
It would then proceed with its mission to get back to 1995 to Terminate John Connor as a 10 yr old child but we could have the T-1000 taking on a breached SkyNet overrun with machines and the resistance battling it out.

SkyNet, on completing its mission through the SkyNet Nexus (wireless connection to their mother) would initiate orders for the T-1000 to take a younger form of itself to be more accepted as a younger police officer for the mission of 1995… to Terminate the young John Connor (Edward Furlong).

T-800 AgedDuring all the madness the T-800 (2012 Schwarzenegger) will be on its own mission.

The T-1000 (2012 Patrick) would continue its mission to get back in time…

SkyNet would have the pressure of deploying:

1984 (T-800) fresh from the SkyNet factory located in the SkyNet Pyramid…

T-1000 – The most efficient machine yet (only one in existence)

T-X – Last ditch attempt immediately sent after the T-1000

At the same time John Connor would have to:

Breach SkyNet.

Get to the cold storage to activate the T-800 (to protect the young John Connor).

Deploy that T-800.

Send his father back to 1984 to ensure his existence (Michael Biehn Cameo).

All of this would have to be done by taking on the armies of SkyNet and avoiding/terminating 2 badass aged T-800 and T-1000 units.

The paths of the assassins could cross in one way or another bringing back continuity…

With good writing anything is possible. It would even be possible to bring back Kyle Reese or Sarah Connor in an alternative script or story.Terminator 5

In another of our ideas; Sarah Connor never died and instead faked her death so she could go into hiding for the benefit of John’s development as world future leader. She could turn up in the middle of the future war also.

CGI can be implemented on a small quality geared scale while being able to use the original actors to decent effect. A smart writer knows how to work around the problems that plague the Terminator franchise… Actor replacements and CGI only cameos don’t work… we need the original actors to give weight to what the fans want to see!


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18 responses to “Terminator: The Aging Process”

  1. interesting ideas. if only it can be pulled off it may yet save the franchise from dieing.

  2. David Rainey says:

    Robert Patrick could be a top secret scientist for the Resistance who invents the mimetic polyalloy in an attempt to create a weapon to use against Skynet….even John Connor has no clue about this project. The tech, which seems more like a metallic organism, realises its intended purpose and breaks free, eventually allying itself with skynet. Skynet help it multiply itself somehow and sends a part of it back through time (T-1000 prototype from T2) and gives a part of itself to Skynet for the T-X program.

    just a thought….since skynet isnt the only one with scientists…

  3. David Ellis says:

    I really like the idea of the flesh aging, perhaps he was on a recon mission that was possibly going to take many years and to be believable as a human he had to age. I don’t think there is any point in a new writer even considering T3, I didn’t hate it as an Arnold fan but as a fan of the franchise, it sucked! I think I may have mentioned this before on terminatorfans but S.M. Sterling wrote a trilogy of excellent books following on from T2. Arnie’s character was human, ex-commando now very wealthy businessman. T800’s feature in the books as well as female terminators and nothing like the TX. Really very, very good books. If they adopted this idea I would envisage Arnie playing the human role and the T800 being CGI. Anyway, lets hope something can be done!

  4. it doesn’t matter if Arnie plays the T-800, or Robert plays the T-1000 or not. the skin can be anyone. i have never cared about what it looks like on the outside. as long as the story is good and melds with the previous movies and the canon, that is what’s important.

  5. Terrible Idea It is time to reboot the franchise get it written and directed by somebody who puts effort into a film and doesn’t leave a billion plot holes, New unknown actors who don’t make ridiculous demands and can actually act and don’t cost the earth, decent special effects, it could be great.

    But this whole retreading old ground is a sad attempt at bleeding a once great franchise into its eventual death.

    The best thing since T2 was TSCC but they axed that. Think of the first film.. The Terminator….. so awesome.. remember the future scene with Reese and the photo. The other terminators… that had no Arnie but was an awesome scene, get some ultra bad ass looking machines who are ripped like the rock, Who can act, get somebody with fresh idea who can add to the franchise and not grave rob from whats been done before, source material like Dark Horse comics. would be awesome!!!

  6. as i readet your Versions i got to think you all never seen Terminator 2 and the best idea for a Remake with Arnold what is in my mind since years you can just have if you watched t2 carefully. because of it this is the mail i sended to Arnold schwarzenneger and my script since years how Arnold could can come back. here my mail to Arnold: hi Arnold, i have since years this script in mind how Terminator can get you back without seem unrealistic because aging. i think the best way to go over it is to tell the Story like skynet want kill Sarah conners son and because of he loved the Terminator in t2 like his father this time skynet send you as a older Version back to trick Sarah connors son as you would like be his father and because he would love to get his Terminator father he get fooled by you and sells you the secret how skynet can destroy his plans. and then we got you like t1 as the bad termintor again and it would be the best end for the series. you first good and than bad in one Terminator film as a big final. i hope this idea can help you and the authors.

  7. tom says:

    MY TERMINATOR 5 IDEA-How about having john connor betray the resistance and help the machines causing millions of human deaths so the resistance send a modified t-800 (arnold schwarzenegger)back in time to kill john connor as a teenage boy to prevent the disaster.

    the inocent john connor (christian bale)sends himself back in time to protect his younger self from the terminator.

    *the terminator is old because the resistance have been working on him for 20 years so his skin has aged but it can grow back if damaged he is also programed not to kill humans just john connor
    *john connor was framed by a t-1000 that took his image]
    *The young john connor would be played by the same actor that played him in tscc
    *there would be a cameo from robert patrick as a skynet worker also a cameo from linder hamilton at the end when she is seen looking over young john connor

  8. AuggyBenDoggy says:

    So your explanation for an old Arnold terminator would be that the cyborg Terminators (the Arnold CSM-101 series ) are 60 plus years old in 2029? I hate to burst your bubble but the Cyborg Terminators are a new product in 2029. The 600 series with rubber skin came before them.For a Cyborg terminator to be 60 plus years old in 2029, it would have it being built before skynet was even thought of.

    • TheTerminatorFans says:

      You obviously didn’t read the article properly. We explained the age in the article by using time travel as a device for aging Arnold. It is clearly stated above that the CSM-101 in this article was sent back in time (a rogue unit on an unknown mission) and has had time to exist for a number of years in the lead up to 2029.

      Also who even says 2029 is a fixed calender date in the terminator franchise anymore? If Judgment day has been delayed by the events of Terminator 2 then the year of creation of the T-800/time travel could be delayed also.

      Nothing is fixed anymore because the series has been butchered! Terminators as far as we know might not even age like humans, defects in genetics, time travel may cause problems in DNA structure but each CSM-101 we have seen (in a Terminator movie) has never had a lifespan for more than a couple of days per Terminator movie.

      Time Travel success is also something that SkyNet would have took time to perfect and in novels and comics in the early days of trial and error some Terminator units got sent back to the wrong time zones and eras. This could also be a device to explain the aging of a Terminator.

      • AuggyBenDoggy says:

        Thanks, I did miss some of the article you wrote. If you go off the altered time line of T3 and Salvation, then you have a botched series. For skynet to send a cyborg to an unknown date in the past, and then wait for it to reappear in the future at half power, and in need of maintenance to complete a certain mission is totally illogical. Skynet is a computer, nothing more. It doesn’t doesn’t work like that. Skynet operates from data and results, not on foreknowledge. It uses the most efficient method based on the data it has. Thats why Skynet only sent 2 terminators back in time, according to Camerons time line. It knew the T-1000 had a better chance than the T-800 cyborg had of succeeding in it’s mission based on it’s ability, and based on the success rate the T-800 cyborgs had in the field.

        As far as Terminators aging, they cant. Their skin/flesh is artifical, and their blood is even synthetic also, along a synthetic oxygen carrier. Old age is connected to bone decay, and a terminators endoskeleton is metal. Upon injury, a cyborg Terminator displays no trauma ( bruising or swelling ) from gun shots or severe lacerations. Also there is hardly any blood when a terminator is severely injured. On any norm human, a severe injury is a bloody mess.

        Now the Time travel aspect. Now this is my opinion but I think the TDE was basically already built by the military before judgment day. I think Skynet perfected the science around it, but I doubt it was actually scratch built by skynet. And the fact that it uses so much energy, is probably why skynet decided to use it in the very end. I also think the Terminator endoskeletons where originally built by the military before Judgment day, and that Skynet perfected the science behind them. Same thing can be applied to the T-1000 and the Terminator cyborgs.

        I think the all the data for everything Skynet used was already there and built to some extent beforehand, and that skynet only needed time to process the data and put everything together.

        It would make more sense to do a future war movie than it would to make another time travel to the past Terminator vs. Terminator popcorn flick that only serves to make the rights owners fast money, and doing more harm to the franchise than anything else.

        • TheTerminatorFans says:

          Terminators have living flesh which is grown for them. It is living flesh (replicated/cloned from human flesh) and does have a genuine blood supply although it has never been explained in the movies how the Endoskeleton actually supports this system internally. In early scripts by James Cameron The Terminator was also meant to have organs and a stomach and would have ate food as an energy source.

          Terminator has never really been a high blood volume series. Terminator 3 depicted the flesh of the T-850 to be like cutting through Jelly when the fact is the T1 Arm repair scene was messy. If Terminator’s don’t bleed or bruise enough blame Hollywood for not depicting the story correctly.

          In regards to our ideas; the focus was always on “living tissue over a metal endoskeleton” not on how it should be done but one possible way that it could be done without having to airbrush Arnold’s face for a full movie (costly) or have him appear as a human character. This article was for all the people who didn’t think aging Terminators were possible.

          • AuggyBenDoggy says:

            True, The flesh is alive, but it’s not real human skin, and it lacks some major features underneath like collagen, and muscle. The Terminators flesh is heat injected into a mold over the endo. Real skin cannot be done like that, it would be destroyed in the process if it was real cloned skin. Cameron never delved into how the Terminators skin was processed, Wether it was in a liquid state or a paste before it’s injected into the mold. What we do know is that the heat injection is the main component that activates everything in the flesh to make it appear as real flesh. And the blood supply is synthetic, and it’s most likley a chemical thats mixed in the flesh recipe that activates and form’s during the heat injection process that also makes up the circulatory system. Which probably why the terminator is unable to bleed like a human does under severe injury. The T1 arm scene is a great example. If that had been a real human arm, there would be blood all over the table. Cameron made no mistake with what you saw in that scene.

            The terminator was ultimately never meant to have organs, Cameron may have explored the idea in early drafts before the endoskeleton design was final, but he did ultimately reject the notion. In fact, Arnold and Jim argued over the issue of the Terminator drinking bear. Cameron said terminators don’t drink beer. And because a terminator cant drink or eat to sustain it’s organic feature, that makes the terminators skin short lived so to speak. Of course we don’t know exactly how long because the movies and books don’t talk about it. But I highly doubt it lasts 60 years. It would probaby rot off long before then, and since the 101 series cyborgs are still a new product in the future war, skynet never had the time test the cyborgs in that respect. All all skynet wanted was to make a human looking terminator, to infiltrate and terminate human targets. The terminators flesh is basically just camouflage.

            As far as Arnold is concerned, he has never said how he was going to play the terminator. He just said he was going to be the terminator in T5. He may be a different kind of terminator and not necessarily a CSM 101 terminator, and that would be a logical approach, instead of trying to play a CSM 101 terminator at age 65. Which may or may not go over very well with the public. Or Arnold might wind up being CG for his role, which would also make sense, because the CSM 101 terminators are all young looking. The technology is there to make that happen. Terminator SALVATION was proof of concept.

            I personally hope Arnold isn’t seriously wanting to play an old looking CSM 101 terminator. If he does play an old looking Terminator, he should be a different kind of Terminator, and not from the ones we saw in T1, and T2.

  9. Moorkan Ettadi says:

    Hey, any of you know what the basic story of T5 is? First I heard that it takes place some time in the 40s or 50s where Arnold plays a real human being. He saves Sarah connor’s family from some kind of threat and seeing his bravery Skynet decided to make machines that have his face.
    But now I hear that Arnie is coming back as T-800. Anyone knows what the story is?

  10. cosas derasputin says:

    Lnda Hamilton has to return!

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